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   Chapter 1417 Never Step Into My House Again

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 9418

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"Get out of my sight! I have nothing to say to the criminal who took my daughter away! You'd better get your ass out of my house now and never step foot in here again! Otherwise, I can't promise what I'll do to you!" Charles thundered.

Leila's heart sank, and she trembled all over. The color in her face drained, and she was as white as a ghost. Every word that Charles said stabbed her through the heart, and she had to gasp for breath.

Charles then bypassed her and strode to the staircase. He didn't give her a second glance as if she was a stranger to him.

Every one of Charles' steps away from her echoed in her mind. She was numb with pain, and it was as if her soul was being dragged down a bottomless pit. All she saw was darkness and despair.

As Charles walked further away from her, Leila suddenly turned around to catch up with him. It was purely out of instinct because her mind was as blank as a sheet of white paper. She had loved him for such a long time, and it was the natural thing for her to do, to run after him. She didn't care what he said. She just wanted to explain.

She scrambled up the stairs like a gust of wind, and before Charles could shut the door to his bedroom, she quickly slid one of her feet in the doorway to stop him from closing it.

Charles was both shocked and annoyed. He pushed her on the shoulders without thinking to try and get rid of her. He couldn't believe the audacity of this woman and had never expected that she had such thick skin.

However, Leila ducked down, dodging him and quickly stepped inside his bedroom going to the far corner, afraid that he would throw her out.

"What the hell..." Charles shouted but was interrupted by Leila.

"Charles, let me explain!" she shrieked from the bottom of her lungs. She used all the strength she could manage, and her voice was wavering and cracking.

"Charles, please don't do that to me! Please! I don't know what you've heard, but you must have misunderstood! Didn't you see how much I cared for Shirley? I would never hurt her! Trust me! If there's anything that I did wrong, it's my love for you! Yes, I love you. I love you more than you will ever know!" Leila blurted out. At first, she almost shouted, but later she began choking with sobs, and finally, she burst into tears, unable to utter another word. Anyone would think that she was the one who was hurt the most in this whole ordeal.

"Hmm, just stop it! Leila, do you think I'm stupid? Do you think that you can keep fooling me over and over again? Stop daydreaming! I have enough evidence to send you straight to prison. But Sheryl stopped me! She thinks the less trouble, the better, and the most important thing is to take care of Shirley. I love my wife and respect every decision she makes. I don't know what you said to her

As she slowly got dressed, she came up with a vicious plan of revenge.

When Shirley opened her eyes the next morning, she was surprised to find that her father was sleeping in their room.

"Daddy! It's so wonderful to have you here! When did you come in? I don't remember hearing you come in!" she exclaimed with delight written all over her adorable little face.

She couldn't help but clap her hands excitedly and then jumped out of her bed to go to him.

The twins would never know what happened in their parents' bedroom last night. Even Charles had no idea what happened after he left. He didn't want to waste his time thinking about it.

Charles couldn't bring himself to go back to that room after that loathsome woman had polluted it with her presence. He would only go back in when it has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. This was his and Sheryl's room, and he wouldn't tolerate someone like Leila being in there, especially after what she had done and on top of all that tried to sleep with him.

That was why his little girl found him in their bedroom when she woke up. He shared the bed with his son last night, who was still sound asleep.

Charles stretched his arms to welcome his little princess and kissed her on the forehead. "Morning," he greeted. "You're right! I spent the night right here in your room! Am I welcome here?" He sounded a little hoarse.

At that moment Clark had also woken up from his slumber. He blinked his little eyes, and when he saw his father lying beside him, a bright smile covered his whole face. He rolled onto his father like a naughty little panda and Charles held them both lovingly in his arms while pressing his face against Clark's.

"Morning, Daddy! Look out your stubble. It's hurting me!" Clark shouted but couldn't stop giggling as he raised his hand to touch the stubble on his father's chin.

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