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   Chapter 1416 Take Your Hands Off Me

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Seeing the situation, Leila decided to keep her mouth shut and just agree with Melissa. Melissa was the only person that Leila could take advantage of to get closer to Charles. If Leila fought with Melissa, she might end up never seeing Charles again.

"Ok, Aunt Melissa. I understand. I'll leave the Dream Garden. But I really hope that you'll ask me back one day like you promised," Leila said. She was trying to get on Melissa's good side.

Melissa hugged Leila. It was a weight off her shoulder since she no longer had to worry about this. Leila wouldn't tell Charles or the police that Melissa was one of the kidnappers. Leila leaving the Dream Garden without making a scene was the best option for Melissa.

And Melissa had done the job Charles asked her to do.

Melissa thanked Leila profusely. She remembered the times they spent together and started to feel sorry for Leila. Melissa didn't want Leila to leave.

"Leila, don't worry. Everything's still the same! Even if you have to leave the Dream Garden, we can still hang out like we used to. We can still go shopping and have a cup of coffee together."

"That's true, Aunt Melissa. I hate to leave you like this. I'll really miss you." Leila feigned missing Melissa. She hated Melissa so much and if she had a choice, she would never want to see Melissa's face ever again. The only reason Leila wanted to stay in the Lu family was because of Charles. As long as she could stay, she could grab the chance to get Sheryl into trouble and ruin her relationship with Charles.

Leila went back to the Dream Garden.

She felt embarrassed. Now that she had agreed to leave, Leila didn't want to prolong her stay. She didn't want others to think that she didn't want to leave. So she wrapped her shopping and returned to the Dream Garden right away. As soon as she arrived, she started pack

ath when she saw Charles.

Charles was exhausted so without uttering a word, he walked past her and headed straight to his bedroom.

Leila was distraught. Her eyes welled up and she bit her pale lips as she grabbed on Charles' sleeve.

Leila was trying to stop Charles which irked him. He shook her off right away and glared at her. "What? Take your hands off me."

Leila didn't like it when Charles acted like this but nothing she could do could shake off her obsession with that scowling face of his.

"Charles, I have something to tell you. Perhaps, we can go to your bedroom where we can talk about it?" Leila stepped forward after Charles shook off her hand. She was now standing on the same step with Charles, facing him directly.

Charles scowled. Never had he seen such a shameless and gutless woman like Leila. He couldn't stand her and he wouldn't be bothered to even hide that from her. He glared at her.

His gaze made Leila shiver. She tried her best to remain calm but she was on the verge of breaking down.

Leila used to think that her biggest fear was Charles not caring about her anymore. But standing here with Charles glaring at her like that, she realized that her biggest fear was Charles hating her.

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