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   Chapter 1414 As Soon As Possible

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"Mom, I need to tell you something." Charles lowered his voice to start a serious talk. He didn't want to make Melissa think that he was asking for her opinion.

"What?" Melissa was puzzled. Charles' look and tone made her nervous. She wondered whether she had done something wrong these past few days. She racked her brain but found nothing. So she gave up. Whatever Charles was going to tell her, she would try her best to argue with him.

"Mom, what do you think about Shirley being kidnapped?"

'Why does Charles suddenly ask me such a question?'

Melissa was startled, wondering whether Charles had found out that she was involved in the kidnapping too. Her mind muddled as she thought about various possibilities and answers in the next few seconds.

She stumbled, "Do you mean my opinion? I feel very sorry for Shirley. She is so cute and so young. She shouldn't be treated that way. Those kidnappers are assholes."

"Really? Do you really think so?" Charles squinted and stared at Melissa, as if he was assessing whether she was telling the truth. He wanted to find some clues from her face.

Melissa looked around, not daring to face Charles. Her reaction disappointed him. At this moment, he finally figured it out. He was busy taking care of Clark and Shirley before which was why he didn't pay much attention to what his mom was doing.

But now, he realized that Melissa knew that Leila was the one who planned the kidnapping all this time. Otherwise, she wouldn't look so guilty. Just like before, Melissa let him down again.

Charles was furious. He never anticipated that his own mother would hide something like this from him. Shirley was her biological granddaughter. How could Melissa get along with Leila and pretend that she knew nothing when everyone was worried sick about Shirley's well-being and was eagerly trying to find her?

Was Leila this important to her? So important that she decided to put her own grandchild at risk?

Charles clenched his fists. It was the first time that he felt so mad at his mother. The fact that Melissa was fooled by a vicious woman like Leila so easily even made it worse. She could even b

ssed on Melissa.

What Charles said struck Melissa. He was right. Leila wasn't her family. Shirley was. If it wasn't for Leila, Shirley wouldn't be missing for so many days. They were being really generous for just kicking Leila out of the house instead of handing her to the police. Leila should be grateful.

She thought about it for a while before she agreed. "Fine then. You can ask Leila to leave. But could you please give us some time? I want to talk to Leila first. After all, these may be a lot for her to take in. I am afraid that she would go crazy and do some damages to our family again if we just tell her to leave without giving her any heads-up."

In reality, Charles only cared about the result. As for who should tell Leila to leave immediately, he didn't care at all.

"Then you should talk to her as soon as possible. The earlier she leaves Dream Garden, the better. I don't want to see her anymore," Charles reminded Melissa. He believed that Melissa shouldn't dare to prolong this.

"Sure, I will talk to her soon."

Little did Charles know that the reason why Melissa wanted to talk to Leila was that because she was afraid that Leila would make a slip of the tongue and let everyone find out the truth. She was desperate to ask Leila to shut her mouth.

Charles nodded at Melissa and walked back to Shirley's bedroom. He was afraid that Shirley would break down again if she was left alone for too long.

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