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   Chapter 1413 The Result He Wanted

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A jolt of pain hit Nick squarely in the chest, like he was struck by lightning. He almost passed out from the dizziness. He staggered as he tried hard to maintain his balance and steady himself.

Why would such a thing happen to him? Why would Cassie do such a thing to him?

Why? And why should he see this again?

Although he had mentally prepared himself in the past few days, it felt like nothing compared to when he saw Cassie in another man's arms and being kissed by the said man. It felt so painful as if his heart was shredded into pieces.

It hurt so, so bad.

He clutched his chest with his right hand. He didn't have the gall to walk closer and look at them, for he was afraid that he would lose self control and beat up the man senseless.

Things would be much more awkward then. After all, Cassie had made her choice, so why would he confront them, and get an answer he didn't want to hear, and embarrass himself in public?

Nick took a few steps back. Then he turned around, and ran away until they disappeared from his sight.

He ran and ran, like there was a monster after him.

Wind blew on his face as he ran away. Tears welled up in his eyes and rolled down his cheeks because of the harsh wind.

'I'm not crying. I've just got a piece of groan in my eye, ' he thought.

Nick swiped the tears off, and then quickened his pace.

Meanwhile in the hallway, Jordan was about to release Cassie after he saw that Nick was gone, but Cassie pushed him away.

"Cassie, listen to me…"

Cassia, however, was too shocked and angry to hear him out.

Jordan's cheek stung when Cassie slapped him, then she ran away with tear-filled eyes.

Jordan's eyes narrowed as he touched his cheek.

It hurt, his right cheek burned painfully, but he couldn't feel any pain at all. Instead, his lips curved into a smile.

Cassie slapped him hard and it did hurt, but it wasn't a big deal. He kissed her just now, and it was worth it. Now he and Cassie were even. And, that man ran away. He kissed Cassie on purpose in front of the man so that he wouldn't bother Cassie again.

In the end, he got the result he wanted.

'Cassie is mine. We're meant to be. Not


When he closed the door behind him, the smile on his face faded. He got annoyed when he thought about persuading Melissa.

He knew her very well. She was stubborn and hard to convince. Sometimes, he wondered why he had such a mother.

But still, Charles was determined to kick Leila out of the family. He would drive her out whether Melissa agreed or not. Leila should even be grateful for his decision. After all, Charles previously considered bringing her to justice and sending her to prison. He even thought about hiring someone to teach her a lesson, to let her know that there was someone in this family that she couldn't mess with.

However, Sheryl had been too nice. She always put others first before herself. Now that Sheryl had asked Charles to forgive Leila, he respected her decision. But he could no longer let her stay in the house.

And if Leila wanted to cause trouble again, he wouldn't let her off so easily. He decided to keep the evidences and if ever necessary, he would hand them to the police.

After a while of thinking, Charles walked to Melissa's bedroom.

He raised his hand and knocked on the door.

It was a few minutes before Melissa finally opened the door. She didn't expect to see Charles, and her brows furrowed instinctively. Every time Charles came to her, nothing good had ever happened. Disappointment filled her eyes the second she saw him.

Still, Charles just ignored her and walked inside.

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