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   Chapter 1412 His Cassie!

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"I'm leaving, Sheryl. I got other plans for today. I'll visit you again another time. Please take care and get well soon," Nick said apologetically and stood up.

Sheryl got no other means but to nod at him, "Okay, see you next time. Don't forget to take a break and have your meals on time, no matter how busy you are. Health is fundamental to our body."

Nick smiled and nodded in approval, and then left the ward.

On the other side of the hospital, Cassie wished that she got wings to fly to Sheryl's ward right away. She knew Nick might already be there.

But as a professional, she could never leave her patient unattended, especially when she was currently on duty in the emergency department. This emergency case was actually no big deal, although his forehead and arms were soaked in blood. But the patient was bleeding out of traumas, not due to injury on any of his internal organs.

She checked how the patient was doing, disinfected and dressed his wounds in an orderly way. The rest of the work would be for the doctor. Shortly after she was done, the doctor on duty hurried into the emergency room. Cassie briefed him about the situation and then rushed out of the room, hoping to still catch Nick with Sheryl.

She tried to run faster, not paying much attention to the way, until a man showed up in front of her abruptly.

Cassie stopped as the guy blocked her way. She stamped her feet anxiously and then looked up to see who it was.

To her great surprise, it was someone she knew, Cora's elder brother.

Cassie sighed impatiently, but she had to greet him.

"Hey, Jordan! Nice to meet you. But what are you doing here? Looking for Cora or seeing a doctor?" she asked, forcing a smile on her face.

Jordan stared at her with eager eyes, slobbering her pretty face in his mind. He put on a bright smile and gently replied, "I got some good news, Cassie. Would you like to join me and Cora for lunch this noon? I can't wait to tell you!"

Cassie bit her lip to hold back her anxiety, thinking hard on how to get rid of Jordan.

'Such a weird guy, ' Cassie thought. He could've celebrated his good news with his sister or any of his friends, but why her? They barely knew each other.

But she couldn't speak her criticism loud. She had to show some respect. After all, he was Cora's elder brother. Although her e

deep breath and finally asked, "How do you feel now, Jordan? The doctor's office is just around the corner. Can you manage till we get there? I can help you." She was nervous to death. She lacked experience to respond to such an situation. Her heart was bouncing wildly and her hands were sweaty. Apart from Nick, she had never stood so closely to a man. It made her feel disgusted.

She didn't resist any intimate contact with Nick, because she loved him and wanted him close. But the man holding her now was only an elder brother of a colleague. She couldn't accept it.

Cassie managed to stand straight and made another attempt to push him away.

It happened so quickly. Meanwhile, Nick was just one to two meters away from them.

Spotting him from the corner of his eyes, Jordan suddenly dragged Cassie into his arms. Ignoring the panic in her eyes and the repellence of her body, he lowered his head and pressed his lips against hers.

Jordan then let out a sign of both relief and satisfaction. He finally made it happen, although he saw it happen hundreds of times in his dreams before.

Her lips tasted exactly as he imagined. He was over thrilled as he held her tighter. He dared not to move his hands over her, something that he had done thousands of times in his dreams.

Nick was stunned by the scene as he came across them. He shook his head and tittered how impatient the young couple was, but the following second, he was almost taken aback.

He couldn't believe his eyes! It was Cassie who was being kissed by another man. His Cassie!

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