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   Chapter 1411 Lesson Learned

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"I agree, Mom isn't a fool. I believe she has learned her lesson this time. Apparently, Leila isn't a family member. Since she kidnapped Shirley, she might do something to Mom too to get what she wants. I guess Mom can figure it out herself that we can't let Leila stay in our house anymore. Charles, I'm afraid that Mom will sympathize with Leila, or that she'll refuse to believe that Leila would hurt her. You must do your best to convince her," Sheryl said to Charles after a while.

After all, it was possible that Melissa might stop them from kicking Leila out of the family.

That was also Charles' biggest concern. He wondered if Melissa had really learned her lesson after the kidnapping.

The sheets rustled as Sheryl and Charles cuddled and chatted for a few more minutes. A moment later, the phone rang.

"Mr. Lu, Shirley is awake. She is crying for you, and I can't calm her. Could you please come home?" Nancy said anxiously. Charles was startled and cast a pointed look at Sheryl.

"Try to calm her down again. I'll be right back."

"Is something wrong with Shirley?" Sheryl asked worriedly after Charles hung up.

"She's awake and crying for us. Nancy can't calm her down. I need to head back home," Charles said. "You should go back now then. Shirley just got back home from the kidnap. I'm sure she must be quite insecure. I'm doing fine here, and she needs you now. Don't worry about me. Go home and give Shirley a kiss for me," Sheryl urged.

Charles looked lovingly at Sheryl and planted a kiss on her forehead, then proceeded to gather his things. "Uh-huh. Call me if you need something," Charles reminded her.

After another goodbye, Charles left. Meanwhile, Cassie walked along the hallway to Sheryl's ward. When she got nearer, someone approached her and asked her to go to the medical room.

It turned out that they were shorthanded since a new patient had arrived, and they needed her help.

When she got there, Cassie glanced at the medical room and hoped that Nick wasn't there yet. After a while of hesitation, she turned around and went inside.

After Charles left, Sheryl lay down in the bed. She tried to take a nap, but she couldn't fall asleep. Nancy's call and Shirley were st

nd your husband doing? Everything okay with you two?"

Upon hearing Nick's question, Sheryl realized that Nick distracted her attention. She understood that he didn't want to talk about his personal life, so she let it go. "Charles and I are doing good. Although something did happen a few weeks ago, everything's better now. Problem solved," she said with a smile.

Shirley was safe back home. Charles was now suspicious of Leila, and Melissa and Leila were only friends on the surface. As for Sheryl, things had gotten much better.

But Nick didn't say anything in response. He wasn't in the mood for chit-chat since something bothered him.

A few minutes later, someone from the company called Nick, so he prepared to leave.

While he got ready, Sheryl instinctively looked at the door and wondered why Cassie wasn't around yet.

She mentioned to Cassie that Nick would visit her today. It was a perfect opportunity for Cassie. As long as they talked face to face and opened up to each other, they could fix their problems.

However, Cassie wasn't here and Nick was about to leave. Sheryl didn't know how to ask Nick to stay. She got worried and anxious as she thought about what was going on with Cassie.

Then again, Sheryl couldn't show that she was anxious. She needed to find an excuse to make Nick stay now. However, it seemed like there was something urgent at Nick's company, which waited for him to settle it down. Thus, Sheryl had no choice but to keep quiet.

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