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   Chapter 1410 Sheryl's Mercy

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"Sheryl, I am sorry that I haven't been completely honest with you before. About our daughter's kidnapping, I have secretly investigated Leila and tried to gather as much information as possible. Now I finally have enough evidence. To my knowledge, Leila is the mastermind behind all of this, so we can now put her into prison."

Hearing this revelation, Sheryl pursed her lips and turned her head away from Charles.

With a long face, she said, "Haven't you disbelieved me? I once told you that it must be Leila who schemed this kidnapping, but you said I was paranoid and insane. You thought I was being unreasonable. That my doubts came from nowhere..." Many images when Charles misunderstood her emerged into her mind, and Sheryl felt infuriated recalling them.

Back then, even her husband was not willing to trust her, so how could she forget the sort of pain Charles had caused without his explanation? All of the grievance remained in her head, and now it came rushing back and struck her heart with a painful sting. Sheryl's face turned gloomy as she cast an indifferent look at her husband.

Gradually, tears began to well up in her eyes. Trying hard not to let Charles learn about her weakness, she squeezed her eyes shut. On the verge of weeping, she quickly took a deep breath to swallow all her sorrow back into her heart before she raised her head.

"Sheryl, it was not because I didn't trust you nor because I purposely reproached you. I had everything planned back then. I just pretended to be indifferent to you, so Leila would be less cautious and I could ruin her plan."

He regretted that he hadn't told Sheryl the truth earlier. Still, Charles wanted to explain everything to her, in hopes of erasing the trauma he had left in her heart.

Luckily, he still had time. Before Sheryl got too disappointed at him, Charles offered her the truth and apologized to his wife.

Sheryl was startled to know about it. She had never anticipated that, the entire time, Charles cared about the kidnapping even more than she had. 'He has been collecting evidence all along? He was more careful and cautious than I was. That's why he didn't follow my suggestion to arrest Leila right away. He was trying to get more information. Oh, why was I so stupid back then!' Sheryl felt guilty towards her actions. In an instant, the grudge she had nursed in her heart against Charles

inion, as long as we drive Leila out of our house, then we can prevent her from making any other plots, and she won't be able to deceive our mom anymore. That is the happiest ending we want to see, right?" Sheryl urged Charles.

"Sheryl, is this idea really coming from you? Don't you hate her anymore?" Charles doubted, unable to hide his shock.

"Of course, I hate her. I couldn't hate her more! But at the same time, I also thank her."

"What?" Charles stared at Sheryl in disbelief. He supposed that her words might mean more than what it sounded.

"Think about it. If it weren't for Leila, I would never find out how sincere and deep your love for me is. And how could I understand that your care for this family no less than I do? I believe, our mom will change her impression of Leila once she finds out who she really is. Therefore, there's no need to punish her ourselves. We just need to make her leave our home, and let her die by herself."

Charles creased a frown and sank into contemplation. After a moment of silence, he retorted, "But she caused us so much trouble. I still don't agree to just let her get away without punishment. That's way too kind of you."

Understanding Charles' grudge against Leila, Sheryl nodded, "Indeed, it is way too kind. How about we ask Mom for her agreement? After all, when Mom was in prison, she also had taken good care of her. If Mom agrees to forgive Leila, then let's just give her a lenient punishment. What do you say?"

Charles chuckled. With an appreciative look, he agreed. "You are right. Let's check our mom's opinion first."

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