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   Chapter 1409 Nothing Is Wrong With Her

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Sheryl lay still in the hospital bed stretching her arm for the intra-venal to pass smoothly. However, her mind was not at peace. She knew it for sure that it was Leila who had kidnapped Shirley. Also, she was confident that she could get Shirley back this time under her deal.

The news of Shirley coming back to her first by a text message from Leila was a new elixir of life for Sheryl and later even Nancy called to congratulate her for Shirley's being safe and sound at home. Sheryl was beyond thrilled and almost jumped off her bed. In her excitement, she raised her hand that had the IV injected in it. This resulted in the needle getting moved from its place causing blood oozing out from her hand. But even the hurt did not stop her to express her excitement. Fortunately, the nurse came to help Sheryl in time and calmed her down.

"Mrs. Lu, please be more careful. If this happens again, your hand will be swollen," the nurse reminded Sheryl seriously with a concerned look on her face.

The nurse carefully readjusted the needle as she spoke to Sheryl. She didn't leave until she confirmed that the IV was set properly and there was no more blood coming out of Sheryl's hand.

"Mrs. Lu, remember to take your pills on time." Before the nurse walked out of the ward, she reminded Sheryl again.

Sheryl nodded her head at the nurse politely. She breathed a great sigh of relief after the nurse left. Sheryl cast a disgruntled glance at hand. She hated having an IV or even taking any medicine. But, the next moment, her face broke into a smile. Shirley being back home was like a prayer being answered. Sheryl had gone through the toughest time. And the bitter medicine or the IV for that matter was hardly a match for that.

Shirley coming back to the Lu family gave Sheryl a lot of strength. She was eager to get recovered as soon as possible so that she could be discharged from the hospital and go back home to see her little princess. She needed Shirley to see her in her best condition.

Sheryl was skeptical that Shirley would be disturbed if she saw her mother's pale face. Shirley was always a considerate and sensitive girl. Shirley just survived a kidnap, and Sheryl didn't want her daughter to go through another trauma.

Although Sheryl's body was in the hospital bed at the moment, her mind was back in the Dream Garden, back to her little girl. She tried her best to control her desires and wait patiently in the ward. She waited for Charles to give her the good news himself.

In the Dream Garden, Melissa burst into tears when she saw her missing granddaughter. Even she felt relieved. After all, she agreed with Leila

ryl just got the message from Leila. And now that she saw the smile on Charles' face, she was completely assured that Shirley was back home and Charles was going to tell her about it.

Even though Sheryl was aware of Shirley's return, she pretended to know nothing. She wanted to hear the good news from Charles, so she raised her brows, asking him what made him so happy.

It was rare that Charles would be so excited. He leaned forward and held Sheryl's shoulders. He could hardly conceal his excitement as he said, "Sher, guess what! Shirley, our little baby, is home!" He was so excited that his voice trailed off as he finished.

Sheryl already knew the news, but she showed surprise and excitement to Charles. She grabbed Charles' hands and exclaimed, "Really? Shirley is home? What a great piece of news is that!" Sheryl's eyes lit up.

"Yes, it's true. But she's weak now. She needs more rest, so I didn't bring her to the hospital," Charles explained to Sheryl in a low voice.

Hearing Charles, Sheryl became worried about Shirley. She asked for more details.

"Charles, how is Shirley doing? Have you sent a doctor to give her a check-up? Anything wrong with her?" Leila just texted Sheryl that Shirley was back. She didn't mention how Shirley was doing. Sheryl was worried that the kidnapper might hurt Shirley so she asked Charles numerous questions.

Charles was as concerned about Shirley as Sheryl did and he had anticipated Sheryl's questions. He answered them one by one, calming her down and comforting her, "Don't worry. Nothing is wrong with Shirley. The doctor has checked on her. She just needs more rest."

Hearing Charles, Sheryl heaved a sigh of relief. As long as her little baby was doing okay. It was a great comfort for Sheryl.

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