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   Chapter 1408 Too Thrilled For Words

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Even the doctor felt awful, seeing the poor little Shirley's withered face. He hurriedly opened his medical kit, took out a stethoscope and pressed it against Shirley's skinny chest.

To everyone's relief, there was no serious problem, except a slight malnutrition, and Shirley would catch up with a balanced diet. Actually, all kids were suffering from one kind of malnutrition or another, because they were growing so fast.

The doctor initially heaved a sigh of relief, but he couldn't help knitting his brows as he continued. He carefully examined the little girl several times, even asking her a couple of questions before turning to Charles, instructing him to follow him outside. "Mr. Lu, your daughter's mental condition doesn't look good to me. You may need to find a special shrink to talk with her. Hopefully, that will do her good. As I can see, her physical conditions are fine, but I'm afraid that we should pay more attention to her mental state. Have you heard about post-traumatic stress disorder? It's just my personal suggestion. I'm not a specialist, after all. What do you think? You better take your time."

Since he was unsure if Shirley was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and it was not his field of specialization, the doctor could only give Charles his suggestions to seek help from a professional shrink.

The doctor's words were a bolt from the blue to Charles. What he feared just came true. A few seconds ago, he was relieved to hear that Shirley's physical conditions were all okay. But this latest news had him falling down to the bottom of darkness again now.

If there was anything that Charles scared the most, it was that this unpleasant experience would leave a long-term shadow in Shirley's heart. Once it did, it would be hard for her to get rid of it, because it was out of sight and hearing. He couldn't imagine how his little girl would suffer, and it was killing him from inside.

Looking at the blue sky from outside the window, Charles took a deep breath. He would take any results, even the worst ones, and he would do his best to make it up to her. He would get his optimistic and lively little girl back, even if it would take a lifetime. He knew he screwed it up by letting them take her away. At her age, she should have lived in a carefree world and grow up like a proud princess, not experience how ugly world the world could get. Charles made up his mind to bring all the beautiful things this world could offer to his daughter to show her a bright future.

Turning around, he realized that the doctor was still standing behind him. He nodded to him and managed to say, "Thank you for your suggestion. I'll go and find a shrink as s

ing for me. See you later!" Jordan said briskly and hung up.

Cora was still in shock after she hung up. She was happy for Jordan, but she also understood that it wasn't her who was being invited to lunch by her elder brother, but Cassie. He was just using her so he could get close to Cassie.

On the other side of the same hospital, Sheryl held her phone tightly in her hand, speechless. She was thrilled when she heard the good news.

She had finally come to this moment.

Her dear daughter was back. She closed her eyes and allowed her tears to run down along her cheeks.

Although Leila had texted her before, she still couldn't believe it until Nancy called her.

"Sheryl? Are you still there?" Nancy's voice came from the other end of the line. She was puzzled after Sheryl went silent after she heard her news.

Sheryl hurriedly wiped off her tears, pressed the phone against her ear and replied, "I'm still here, Nancy. I'm listening. I just cannot believe it! Is Shirley really back?"

"Of course, Sher! I'll never lie to you. Please calm down and take a deep breath. Mr. Lu has called the family doctor to come over, and he has confirmed that there is nothing wrong with Shirley. Mr. Lu said he'll come to see you as soon as Shirley falls asleep. He will tell you the details himself," Nancy explained.

"Okay, okay, I know. Thank you so much, Nancy. You're always so nice to me," Sheryl snuffled.

"Please take it easy, Sheryl. Take care of yourself so the hospital can discharge you soon. Shirley is waiting for you at home," Nancy reminded her in an assuring tone.

"I will, Nancy. Actually, I'm feeling more than good now," Sheryl responded. She bit her lower lip slightly and a smile was resting on the corner. It had been a long time before she smiled so happily.

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