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   Chapter 1406 Shirley Was Sent Back

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"But I don't know, Sheryl." Cassie hesitated. She was still worrying about what she would do if Nick decided to ignore her when they met.

"Listen to me, Cassie. You need to let it go. Doubt is the last thing a couple needs between them," Sheryl persuaded her while patting on the back of her hands with an understanding smile. "As the old saying goes, the quarrels between a husband and a wife are not supposed to last overnight. And, couples must be honest with each other. You and Nick are at a sensitive stage in your relationship, and if you don't take the initiative to step forward, I'm afraid that it will be harder later. Please take some time to think about what I just said!"

Cassie felt better, and it was obvious that she had taken in Sheryl's words.

"I know, Sher, and I'll try my best. Please don't worry about me. You need to start worrying about yourself now," she said, nodding her head repeatedly.

"Okay, okay! Think about what you're going to say to Nick tomorrow. I believe you two will be able to set aside your differences if you just have a reasonable conversation. Nick is a simple man, and he has never had a formal relationship before. Just be nice to him!" Sheryl added in a teasing way as if Cassie had picked up a great bargain.

"Please don't make fun of me!" Cassie gasped and her face turned red.

Sheryl then thoughtfully changed the topic of discussion. After all, she didn't want to stick her nose into their personal affairs, at least not long enough so that things would become awkward. Cassie's smile aroused Sheryl's appetite and before long she polished off all the food Cassie had brought.

After dinner, Cassie collected the tableware and went home while Sheryl decided to take a walk in the garden after seeing her off. She felt like she needed to walk off the copious amounts of food she had consumed over dinner.

Just after she took a few steps in the garden, Sheryl's phone started ringing.

It was Charles calling!

As soon as she answered it, she heard his hasty voice even before she placed it over her ear, "I'm so sorry for missing out on dinner, Sher. I should have called you earlier. Mom said she had a stomachache late in the afternoon, so I had to take her to visit the doctor. I would have informed you earlier had I not been rushing. Again, I'm very sorry!"

"It's okay. I've already had dinner," Sheryl replied, trying to sound as though it wasn't a big deal, "How's Mom doing now?"

"She's feeling better after taking the pills the doctor prescribed. Where did you have dinner? I know that you're not a big fan of hospital food. Perhaps I can bring you something delicious now." Charles sounded concerned.

"No, actually I'm just out on a walk in the garden now. Cassie brought me dinner this evening and it was so delicious I couldn't help myself. I am stuffed. Just stay home and look after your mother tonight. Don't worry about me," she added.

"Okay, I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed dinner. I'll see you later then. Please take care, okay? Goodnight," said Charlie.

"Good night!" Sheryl said before hanging up.

A hint of concern overshadowed her face.

Her instincts told her that there was something w

ionless for a while. Finding it difficult to contain herself, she put her hand inside her pocket and took out her phone, hands trembling with excitement.

She was absolutely certain that the little girl sleeping in front of her was Shirley as she had seen her playing in the courtyard on more than one occasion.

She was over the moon to see that the daughter of the Lu family had come back safe and sound, while feeling proud that it was her who spotted her before anyone else. She knew that the Lu family would be ecstatic to hear this news.

Quickly putting her bag aside, she called Charles' number.

"Hello? Is this Mr. Lu speaking? You might not know me. I'm just a servant from the kitchen. I have found Shirley! She's sleeping on the bench just left of our gate!" Charles was barely able to process her half-excited, half-shocked rambling over the phone.

"What are you talking about? Shirley's back? Okay, just stay where you are and keep your eyes on her. I'll be right over!" Charles' voice couldn't hide his excitement. He was at the office dealing with some urgent business when this news came in and shocked him. He didn't know what to make of it as it seemed too good to be true, so he couldn't afford to deal with another disappointment.

"Okay, sir! I am absolutely certain it is her!" The servant assured him, unable to hide the excitement in her voice.

Charles put his finger in his mouth, and bit it hard. The pain was an indication that it was not another sweet dream, which he had been seeing every night since Shirley was kidnapped. He rushed out of his office to the parking lot, found his car and drove home at top speed.

"Wake up, Shirley! You're home!" the servant whispered into Shirley's ear after she hung up. She wanted to wake the little girl up and bring her inside.

All kids needed their sleep, especially in the mornings. It took a while before Shirley opened her eyes. She looked around and found herself in a familiar place. Her blank expression mirrored her thoughts, as she wondered how she had managed to close her eyes somewhere else and end up at her home when she opened them.

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