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   Chapter 1405 He Came Back

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"You can drop her off in the early hours of the morning. Very few people are up at that time. I'll text you the address later. Please be careful that no one sees you."

Benjamin was surprised by Leila's instructions. It sounded like he was stealing the kid rather than helping her.

"Fine." After a while, Benjamin gave a brief reply.

Sheryl took out her phone to call Nick during the lunch break.

Since she heard from Cassie, she was concerned about him. Besides, Nick didn't reply to her messages, which made her worry grow.

He might have been too busy to text her back. However, it was lunchtime now. Sheryl thought that Nick should have the time to check his phone.

So, she dialed Nick's number.

The phone rang and rang, but no one answered. Sheryl hung up the phone.

'What on earth is Nick doing? Hasn't he come back?' Confused, Sheryl put down her phone and decided to visit his company once she was discharged from the hospital.

She closed her eyes to take a nap, but then her phone rang.

Sheryl looked down at the screen, and it was Nick.

"Sher!" Nick greeted her sweetly, just as kindly as before.

"Nick, have you been busy lately?" asked Sheryl.

"Not really. Sher, how are you doing?"

Sheryl could tell that Nick was avoiding her question. He didn't want to talk about himself.

"I'm doing okay. Something happened a few weeks ago, and I'm in the hospital now. Cassie is taking good care of me, so you don't have to worry." Sheryl hesitated before she decided to mention Cassie. She wanted to see how Nick would react.

Nick remained silent for a while. Then, he asked with concern in his voice, "Sher, you're in the hospital? Are you sick? Is it serious?"

"Nothing, it's just…Not a big deal, anyway. I'm worried about you. Did something happen to you? If you have any problems, don't hesitate to ask for help. You know I've got your back."

Nick paused before he continued, "I… I just got back from work. I feel a little tired, Sher. I will visit you tomorrow."

"Don't bother. You'd better take care of

ned gloomy when she heard Sheryl, and she remained silent.

Sheryl noticed Cassie's change, so she comforted her, "I called Nick today, Cassie. He's doing fine. Don't worry about him."

Cassie lifted her head the moment she heard Nick's name. Her eyes lit up, and she asked eagerly, "Sher, you called Nick? And he answered you? Where is he now?"

"He told me that he just came back from a business trip. He had a meeting waiting for him, so we didn't talk much. But he said that he would come to visit me tomorrow." Sheryl told her every detail.

"He'll be coming to the hospital tomorrow?" Cassie was surprised, but she was upset as well.

She kept trying to call him the past few days, but Nick never answered her. Even the messages she texted him were never answered.

Cassie couldn't believe that Nick had come back. So the man she saw in the cinema that day was Nick!

Thinking about this, Cassie almost ground her teeth. She was angry and upset at the same time. 'Why did Nick do such a thing to me? Why?'

Seeing the frustration on Cassie's face, Sheryl was upset too. However, the problem was between them, and Sheryl couldn't give Cassie too much help and get involved.

"Yes, Cassie. He'll come here tomorrow. I think it's a good opportunity for you to talk to him and solve your problems, don't you think?" Sheryl put her hand on the back of Cassie's.

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