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   Chapter 1404 A Long Silence

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Leila was astounded by Sheryl's statement. Though she was determined to deny everything that Sheryl accused her of, she hadn't expected that Sheryl reserved some evidence. Sheryl's tone sounded so determined that Leila couldn't help but feel a little intimidated. Leila was so overcome with panic and pressure that she collapsed onto the ground.

'Has she known all along that I was behind Shirley's kidnapping? But, how could she pretend that she knew nothing? I nearly strangled her to death! Was that all part of her show?' Leila questioned herself still in a state of bewilderment.

The thought of it all sent a cold shiver down Leila's spine even though she was still in denial and only half accepted the truth. Leila suddenly realized that Sheryl was even more adept at tricks and plots than she was. She had endured much suffering for so long and was even willing to put her life on the line to play it out. Leila wondered why Sheryl chose this moment to inform and threaten her.

'This woman is terrifying! I can't allow Charles to know the evidence,' Leila thought still in a state of panic.

As long as the evidence wouldn't come into Charles' ears, then no matter how much Charles doubted Leila, she could keep a feigned face of innocence. Then Charles couldn't do anything to her, and she could remain at Dream Garden.

However, Leila couldn't afford to take the risk of Charles finding out about the evidence against her. If he knew that Leila even had attempted to kill his wife, then what would he do to punish Leila for it?

'What would he think of me? A wicked woman? An unsavory seductress who has only one purpose and that is to ruin his happy family?

Then how would he punish me? Show me indifference? Reprimand me to my face? Or even worse, put me in prison?' Countless miserable pictures of her demise flashed before her eyes.

Her mind was in complete and utter chaos. Her head felt like it was in a vise and about to explode. No matter how hard she tried to calm herself to stop thinking about it all, it was of no use. He brain was rambling out of control.

It was terrible enough for Leila to cope with the fact that her love wasn't reciprocated by the man she loved so dearly, and the thought of Charles detesting her for what she did was like rubbing salt in an open wound. Leila couldn't bear the thought of Charles hating her. If that happened, it would cast a heavy shadow in her life as an eternal nightmare.

'No, that won't happen! Because I won't allow it to happen! There must be a way out,' Leila thought with determination. Her face creased into a deep frown as she seriously considered the feasibility of giving Shirley back. If Sheryl meant every word that she had said, then it would be best if Leila cooperated and brought her daughter back. As long as Leila brought Sheryl's daughter back to her, then Sheryl promised to forgive her for the failed murder attempt on her life and Charles woul

know how to comfort Shirley as he had to listen to Leila's orders.

All that he could do was be patient and make sure he prepared three meals for her every day. Even though he took extra care to make the food delicious, Shirley didn't seem to have an appetite for it, which concerned Benjamin a lot.

He suspected that the poor girl had been traumatized by the whole kidnapping ordeal. This way of living had not only put a significant strain on Shirley but also on Benjamin.

While he happened to be working out how many days Shirley had spent in his home, the phone suddenly rang. When he answered and heard that it was Leila on the line, he was happy at the prospect of finally letting poor Shirley return to her normal life with her family. Moreover, he also thought of the money that would make him wealthy, which Leila promised to pay for his involvement.

'Thank God! I'm so glad to be relieved of this burden!' Benjamin exclaimed, in his heart.

"Benjamin, you know me so well! Yes, I have decided to send her back. In any case, I need to remind you. When you do this, you need to be very discreet and let no one know about it," Leila warned.

Benjamin was confused by her request of being discreet. He couldn't help but think, 'This is strange. I haven't had any deal like this. Why does Leila want me to return Shirley secretly? That sounds like we are behaving like thieves.'

Despite his questioning of Leila's method, he decided to do as she asked. As long as he got Shirley back to Dream Garden, he would receive a sizeable commission from Leila. So Benjamin was eager to finish it all.

"Okay, Leila, give me the instructions on how you want Shirley returned to her home. And I'll do exactly as you say," Benjamin blurted in agreement. His straightforward response gave Leila much relief. She couldn't help but think, 'Benjamin is reliable. I was so afraid that I might find another Jim! If that happened, I don't know what I would do!'

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