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   Chapter 1403 Evidence

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Suddenly, Leila changed her mind. She decided not to pick up Shirley and instead said to Benjamin on the phone, "Benjamin, could you please help me take care of this child? I am kind of busy right now and I don't have time in my hands. I will text you what to do later. And please don't make any moves before you hear from me. Of course, your reward will be raised. Thanks for understanding."

Benjamin was puzzled by Leila's words. After all, Leila was dying to find Shirley before and kept calling him for updates from time to time. Now that the girl had been found, Leila wasn't as eager to pick her up. 'What's going on?' Benjamin wondered.

Although Benjamin was confused, he understood the wisdom of silence. He'd better keep his head down and do his work without asking any questions. Besides, Leila promised to offer him more money, so he just said yes.

"Okay, I can help you with that. Just let me know when you are ready to pick up the kid."

Leila wasn't anxious about it at all. Shirley wasn't her biological child. At the very beginning, she might have seemed anxious and worried about Shirley, but that was just a show for Charles.

Now that Charles was suspicious of her and determined to bring her to justice, if Leila brought back his daughter to him, it would give Charles the confidence to put more time and efforts into the investigation.

Leila wouldn't want that to happen. Why would she willingly put herself in jeopardy? Besides, she knew that Shirley was in safe hands now. She wanted to make full use of this opportunity to turn things in her favor.

"I appreciate your help, Benjamin."

After she hung up, Leila lost herself in deep thought. It sounded simple enough to have Benjamin take care of Shirley, but there was always room for accidents. What if Charles found Benjamin? This time, she had to be extremely careful. She could not afford to leave any traces that could lead Charles to her.

Leila furrowed her brows, her face darkened. When she turned around, her body jerked in surprise, not knowing how to react. Her anxiety was obvious.

Standing behind her back was Melissa, who just happened to come downstairs to get some stuff. When she he

ht to the point. I know you know where Shirley is. Return her to me."

Sheryl's calm and collected voice blew Leila's mind.

Suffice it to say, Leila was startled by the suddenness and certainty of Sheryl's claims.

"Sheryl, I am sure there has been a misunderstanding. I don't know where Shirley is. How can I return her to you?" Leila denied it at once, acting like she knew nothing.

"Leila, stop playing games. I know the truth. If you don't want to give back Shirley to me, that's fine. Anyway, I will tell Charles that it was you who tried to strangle me that night."

Leila had been expected to hear this from Sheryl, so she calmly said, "Sheryl, that's a serious accusation. Please mind your words. I have done no such thing. I have a clear conscience."

"Clear conscience? Leila, how can you do that, lying without feeling even the slightest bit of shame?"

"You don't have any evidence, Sheryl. So please stop saying that." No matter what Sheryl said, Leila denied it. 'She doesn't have a shred of evidence, ' Leila thought to herself.

Sheryl's next words, however, frightened Leila out of her wits.

"Leila, think about it carefully. How would I know it was you if I didn't have any evidence?"

Sheryl smiled coldly and continued, "I'll give you one day to reconsider your options. Otherwise, I will show Charles all the evidence. To tell you the truth, I would have presented them to the police long ago if it wasn't for Shirley."

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