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   Chapter 1402 Leverage

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With Cassie's words, Sheryl was shocked and immediately opposed, "Oh, Cassie! Stop saying such things! I am happy to talk to you. I feel so honored that you shared your problems with me. If you are available, don't forget to see me, okay? It's dull to be bed-ridden without anyone around." As she was talking to Cassie, Sheryl gave her a sincere look.

"Of course! That would be fun. I will come over as soon as I am free," Cassie promised, with a smile of relief. After spilling out her inner words, Cassie felt like the heavy burden once on her heart was partly removed.

But she was still subdued with distress once she reminisced her and Nick's memories. Feeling hopeless, she could only weep in her heart and thought, 'How cruel Nick can be! With the miseries that he left me, I am here, lamenting those remnants. Did I owe him something back during my previous life? So I have to suffer like this to redeem myself from my previous sins?'

At the Dream Garden

Melissa and Leila went back side by side to Dream Garden, silent and both absent-minded. Upon entering the door, Leila began to quiver in fright. She almost failed to support herself and rested her body against the door as Leila's feet were getting into jelly. No matter how hard she tried to pull herself upright, it was all in vain as she fell helplessly to the ground.

Beads of sweat glided over her forehead, and her face turned deathly pale. Keeping her head bowed, she avoided Melissa's stare persistently. Fear encompassed her thoughts.

However, the stupidity and cowardice of Leila didn't escape from Melissa's eyes. Even though Melissa couldn't see Leila's face clearly, the despise she felt was still tremendous as she turned a glare to her. 'How come I gave my trust to this foolish woman?' she thought irritatingly.

Feeling frenzied and lost, Leila didn't pay too much attention to Melissa's presence. Dealing with Melissa's rage was trifling for her right now. At the moment, all she was thinking was the words she had eavesdropped earlier outside Sheryl's ward.

'What should I do next? How can I get away from this mess?' Leila thought, as she was bewildered of the unfavorable incidents happening to her. The overconfidence ruled Leila because Melissa was on her side. Now that she discerned how Sheryl was skeptical about her all along, it would be possible for Charles to be doubtful of her too. Sooner or later, Leila hated to accept, but Charles would eventually find out the truth if he followed Sheryl's instinct. It was just a matter of time for Leila to taste her cursed fate.

With her dreadfulness amplified, Leila began to regret her reckless decision. Even though punishments would upend her by and by, she still attempted to deny her mistake and propelled the responsibilities to Sheryl. While suppressing herself, she cursed in her mind, 'I hate you so much, Sheryl! This mayhem could never appear to me if you avoided encroaching on my plan. I could never let you taste heaven.

You ruined everything that I'd plotted all along! Your innocent act was too witty. If I hit rock bottom, I'll drag you down as well.' However, her anger was replaced by anxiety as she thought, 'If Charles learns all of what I have done, and if he knows the truth, will he address me as a wicked woman

ed to surpass your expectations all along. I couldn't imagine how I managed to get that little girl! To locate her, I've spent the best and last of my strength!" Benjamin spewed, trying to stress and brag his hard work.

The good news brought a surge of happiness to Leila. The gloom she felt subsided, and she even was unable to contain the excitement inside her. After a long time, she felt that the massive stone on top of her heart melted, and she finally could settle down. The viscid blue like a misty shadow surrounding her heart had gone without a trace!

'For God's sake, I finally found Shirley! I have been under a lot of pressure recently. I was so afraid to be jailed if anything serious truly happened to her. I almost made an unchangeable mistake, ' Leila thought as she took a deep sigh of relief.

"Oh, you are so trustworthy, as I always know! That is why I turned to you for help! I feel so lucky to have a friend like you! Thank you, Benjamin! You are the best!" Out of happiness, Leila complimented him sincerely. Her full attention was all on Shirley. Inevitably, Benjamin was absorbed in Leila's sweet words. He was flattered and kept giggling.

With all honesty, Leila couldn't wait to ask Benjamin to set up a spot for them to meet. Before sending Shirley back, she wanted to check Shirley in person.

Once she put her hand to the door handle to get out, she suddenly recalled what Charles had said. Now that she knew Charles had begun to doubt her, Leila thought her good impression on Charles would no longer exist. Even if she brought Shirley back safely, she might still not win Charles' gratitude, for he would find out she was the culprit behind the kidnapping. When Charles knew that it was Leila who was after all of this, Leila would fail to maintain her image.

'Should I give Shirley back to Charles at this critical moment? What if…' Leila fell into deep thoughts. Suddenly, a flash of flickering crossed her eyes.

'If I bring Shirley back and give her to Charles for free, I will gain nothing. Why don't I use her for leverage? Maybe Shirley could be the reason for Charles to forgive me and my mistake! That will be brilliant!' Leila smirked.

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