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   Chapter 1400 I Trust You

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Sheryl paused for a while and then continued hesitantly, "The way she talked to me brought me back to that scary night. I didn't know how to face her. I couldn't stop myself from shivering when I saw her."

With Sheryl's words, Charles didn't feel surprised. After all, he knew her well, and his assumption was right. What he didn't anticipate was the fact that Sheryl was traumatized, which upset him a lot.

With no words, he hugged Sheryl tightly in his arms. The concern and anxiety of Sheryl were so strong that Charles could feel it. He said softly, in an attempt to comfort her, "Don't be afraid, Sher. I am always with you. You don't need to worry about anything. Whether it is Leila or not, I promise that I will try my best to find out the truth and bring the murderer to justice."

Feeling relaxed, Sheryl leaned her head on Charles' shoulder, and finally stopped shivering. She gradually calmed herself down, as if she didn't panic just now.

"I trust you, Charles. Thank you for being with me all the time," Sheryl said softly, feeling fervor because of her husband's words.

"It's no big deal, Sher. Come on! We're husband and wife. We are supposed to help and support each other. Before I catch the murderer, I will never let her show up in front of you," Charles said with assurance.

"Thank you, Charles," she said sincerely. Right now, Sheryl was like a meek kitty, lying in his arms, and feeling his warmth.

Meanwhile, Leila, who was eavesdropping outside the ward, was dumbstruck. The paleness of her face was apparent that she couldn't hide her anger and shock.

The pale expression caught Melissa as she took a glance at her. No comment came from Melissa with Charles' statement, a sign that she was turning her back at Leila for real. Nevertheless, it was Leila who caused all the trouble, and Melissa had nothing to do with it. If Charles made up his mind to discover the truth, there was nothing Melissa could do to stop him. She just felt sorry for Leila, who was feeling pressured and terrified now.

Silently, Leila was mind blown. She almost lost her balance and fell on the floor if Melissa wasn't holding her.

Leila regretted not having killed Sheryl. If Sheryl had died already, it would be more satisfying to see than having this s

go outside her ward to breathe in some fresh air. If she stayed alone, she might go crazy.

"Sher! There you are!" a feminine voice shrieked. Sheryl almost fell upon hearing a familiar sound. Who could have called her with such anxiety?

With curiosity, she turned around and saw Cassie smiling at her.

"Cassie?" she called out in surprise. Sheryl didn't remember that Cassie worked at this hospital until now. How could she forget it?

"Sher, I hear that you are staying in the hospital. How could you not tell me? I can come and visit you."

Cassie hurriedly walked to Sheryl and held her arms. They walked towards a table and sat down.

Seeing Sheryl's pale face made Cassie worried more, so she asked anxiously, "Sher, what happened? Why are you staying in the hospital? Who did this to you?"

To lessen Cassie's uneasiness, Sheryl smiled and said, "I am fine, Cassie. I am recovering, though I'm not quite alright about mental state. A lot of things are bothering me lately."

With a deep sigh, Cassie asked, "Now, tell me what exactly happened. Sher, are you receiving a wicked treatment from the Lu family?"

Remembering about the gossip in the canteen, she felt angry again. She could have helped Sheryl if she knew her situation already.

Yes, Sheryl wasn't Cassie's relative, and they didn't see each other very often. They were just friends like others. But because of Nick, Sheryl had been taking care of Cassie, and she tried to set them up. Therefore, Cassie respected and cared about Sheryl.

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