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   Chapter 1399 Determined

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Sheryl was tired of wrangling with Melissa. She turned to Charles. "Charles, stop blaming everything on Mom," she said to her husband in a loud voice. "She didn't mean it. Besides, I am to blame as well. If I weren't so impulsive, then Mom wouldn't have become angry. "

"Mom." Sheryl turned to Melissa. "I'm not angry with you, and I owe you an apology. I was so tired and in a fret. I'm sorry. Please forgive me."

Then, she took both Melissa and Charles' hands and held them together. "Let's all forget the unhappiness. We're family. We should work together to bring Shirley back. So we can reunite."

When she mentioned Shirley, her precious daughter, her eyes reddened and soon filled with tears.

Leila, who was standing aside, was more than embarrassed. She wasn't a member of the family and felt like she was intruding. 'Should I stay or leave?' thought Leila, restlessly.

She stepped forward. "Aunt Melissa." Leila cleared her throat and said, "Sheryl mentioned that she was tired. Why don't we go home and let her have a rest? She hasn't fully recovered yet."

Melissa had had enough of Sheryl, and she wanted to get out of here. However, Charles was there, and she couldn't just leave. Leila had given her an out, so she nodded to agree with her.

"Yes, you're right, Leila. We should go. Charles, please take good care of Sheryl. And Sheryl, I do hope you can forgive me. There should be no misunderstanding between us."

Charles made no reaction. He stood beside Sheryl's bed in silence, putting Melissa in an embarrassing position.

Melissa smiled awkwardly before taking a deep breath. "Well then, we're leaving. Sheryl, I hope you get well soon."

"Sheryl, sorry that we have bothered you. Please have some rest. We'll come and see you when you're better. Please don't hesitated to let me know if there's anything I can do for you," said Leila simpering.

To her surprise, Sheryl suddenly huddled herself up and cowered in the corner of the bed. Her e

can you tell me what happened just now?"

Charles caressed her hair gently and said in a low and tender voice, trying to comfort her. Sheryl's hair was very soft. He had heard a saying that people with soft hair had soft hearts. He agreed with that because Sheryl was a good example. She was a kind and soft-hearted woman. She would never hurt anyone even when she was hurt herself.

As her husband, Charles wouldn't let anyone bully her. He had made an oath to protect her all his life, but Sheryl had been attacked many times under his nose. He wouldn't let it happen anymore.

So he had to find out what had happened and get to the root of the matter. He had to dissipate her fears. Charles wanted to get rid of any possibilities that might hurt the woman that he loved.

Sheryl gazed into his eyes, and tears slowly ran down her cheeks. She bit her lips contemplating whether to tell him the truth.

Charles could see the slight distrust in Sheryl's eyes, which broke his heart. He couldn't say a word, as if something had blocked his throat.

After a long silence, Sheryl made her mind up to tell him. "Charles." She looked up at him with teary eyes. "When I saw Leila just now, I had an overwhelming feeling. I felt that the one who entered my room and tried to strangle me was none other than her, Leila!"

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