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   Chapter 1393 Visiting The Prison

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At dinnertime, as Jim raised his hand hard to take some food, Joey passed by and knocked his hand scattering the food all over the floor.

"Ah, it seems as if your arm is broken, so you can't take the food for your dinner. How about not eating? Or it will hurt. Ha-ha." Joey's voice was dripping in sarcasm as he kept making snide remarks about him.

Jim missed breakfast. Not of his own volition, but mainly due to the fact that his arm had sustained heavy damage when he got beaten up this morning. He felt so dizzy and hungry that he didn't mind kneeling down and begging Joey for some respite from the suffering.

"Sir, I'm wrong. Please forgive me. Please let me go." Groveling on his knees, Jim tugged at the bottom of Joey's trousers.

"Oh, what now? You want me let you go? Well, that depends on my mood." Joey curled his lips and looked down at Jim, with a scornful expression.

He wouldn't allow Jim even the slightest bit of peace, because his employer had emphasized the fact that Jim needed to be taught a lesson. They would force him to tell them where Shirley was when he'd fall apart mentally. Joey felt as though he hadn't tested Jim's limits yet, so he wanted to play a game of cat-and-mouse with him.

Then, Joey had a self-satisfied smirk on his face. He was sentenced into the prison because he had committed a big crime. This time, the violence deep in his heart was totally aroused. He wanted to give Jim a good lesson.

The blithe indifference in Joey's facial expression was an indication to Jim that he was never going to taste peace again. His already weakened body, failing to hold on, suddenly gave up on him and went out of consciousness.

Joey immediately knelt down and stretched out his hand to check Jim's pulse. He breathed a sigh of relief when he found a steady pulse.

Without a word or warning, he stood up and kicked Jim in the stomach a few times before leaving

the visiting hour of the next day

"Someone's here to see you. Come with me!" the prison guard said to Joey, as he opened the door to his cell.

The guard felt it strange because nobody had ever come to visit Joey before. He thought he had no family or friends, since nobody ever visited him, until now.

What felt even more strange was that there were people visiting him more often now.

The prison guard put handcuffs on him and pushed him into the room.

Joey sat down and looked up to see David sat opposite him.

"How is it going? Did you find out where Shirley is yet?" David asked as soon as Joey sat down.

Even for a simple assistant, he dressed sharp and carried himself with a dignified look. Perhaps after many years of working under Charles, a bit of his boss had rubbed off on him.

Joey was slumped over the chair but as soon as he saw David's imposing disposition, he sat up straight immediately.

"Jim told me everything. Shirley is in a wooden cabin in the north of the suburbs in Maple Town. Apparently, it is the only cabin with a big chimney. And there is a man guarding her in the cabin." Joey told him all the details Jim had given him.

David noted everything on paper and took out his mobile phone to send the location to Charles.

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