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   Chapter 1392 A Tyrant In Jail

The Substitute Bride By Coolgirl Characters: 8275

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Toppling over, Jim fell on the ground. It happened so fast that he lost control of his body in an instant. He didn't even see who pushed him. The only thing he did was cry out miserably.

Panicking inside, he recalled what he learned about life behind bars. Newcomers were bullied as soon as they arrived. He was afraid he would suffer the same. Just thinking of the possible worst things that might happen made him suffer mentally more than what he suffered physically.

He clenched and unclenched his palms to force himself to think quickly about his present situation. At the same time, he reminded himself to act courageously. He wanted to scare them right away to leave him alone once and for all. Otherwise, there would be darkness all around him. Then, he schooled his face with the deadliest expression he could muster, got up, and faced his attacker. Dirty words were at the tip of his tongue, ready to be lashed out, but he stopped himself as soon as he saw the face of the man.

His expression softened, from fury to relaxed, because it was Joey, inside the cell with him.

Ever since Jim got into prison, he witnessed how Joey fought the other prisoners and bullied those who were weak. He believed Joey had nothing to fear because he was one of the closest friends of the No. 1 tyrant in the facility, who could surely provide protection.

Whenever Joey threw his punches to someone, Jim just shrugged his shoulders and looked the other way. He could still remember the first time when Joey beat up a fellow in front of him. Joey cast him a glance. He interpreted it as 'Joey's look,' wondering if he would report it to the guards or not. But what he could do was turn his head to the opposite and walk away. He believed it was none of his business.

Now that he recalled it, he realized it was actually a testing from Joey, and he believed he gave him the best answer he could give.

Perhaps, Joey saw him as a desperado who was always ready to give up his life. But he knew more. He knew which way the wind blew. Thus, they got along peacefully with each other as time passed by.

But right now, Jim could not think of anything why Joey attacked him. He racked his brain for anything, but nothing. So, he decided not to act against Joey.

Unfortunately, his silence did not bring him any luck. Joey launched at him again. This time, he was kicked right in his chest. He was thrown against the prison wall. There was too much pain. He couldn

cursing...Nothing was heard from Jim while the others used him as a punching bag. He was so unlike the other prisoners who got terrified even just for hearing someone scream.

One by one, the prisoners joined in punching Jim just to please Joey. They were hoping that he would leave them alone in the future. Not long after, Jim was black and blue all over. He almost lost consciousness. He looked like a dying dog on the floor. Only his weak breathing proved that he was still alive.

Clearing his throat, Joey instructed them to stop. He knew the right day was coming for Jim. Thus, he called it a day. The next moment, the cell was filled with Joey's snores.

Crawling, Jim moved towards the entrance. He felt his bones broken, as if he was run over by a car. He couldn't feel any part of himself. Even breathing was painful and it was killing him.

Closing his eyes in desperation, he felt his tears running down his cheeks. If he had just known that Joey would do this to him, he would have killed him on their first meeting. Joey was like a rabid dog. But the question was: why did he make his life so difficult?

When he managed to open his eyes again, he didn't know what time it was. His eyes reflected hatred. He cursed both Leila and Joey to go to hell. He groaned and shut his eyes again. He dreamed that, one day, he would make them suffer a thousand times more than his suffering.

But first, he needed to get out of there. He would pay any price just to be free. And, he would hunt Leila down. He would torture her day and night! He would make sure that she would go through all his sufferings. THREE THOUSAND TIMES MORE!

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