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   Chapter 1390 Do Things Differently

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"You're bleeding, Cassie. I'll carry you!" Jordan squatted down suddenly and asked Cassie to hop on his back.

"No, no. You're embarrassing me. I can walk by myself..." Cassie refused him at once, without a conscious thought.

However, Jordan didn't have the patience to deal with her stubborn attitude. He sprang up spryly and picked her up in his arms before she could even finish her words.

"Jordan! What are you doing? Let me down! Let me down!" Cassie's sweaty face flushed red with embarrassment. 'How can he do this to me?'

Jordan, however, ignored her protests and began to walk towards his car nonchalantly.

He opened the door of the car with one hand and slowly sat her in the front seat.

As he bent over and leaned closer, Cassie's heart skipped a beat. She was afraid that he would do something to her.

Before long, Cassie was relieved to find that Jordan was just fastening the seat belt for her and making sure that it had latched on properly.

When Jordan turned the ignition key and revved the engine, Cassie turned to him and said, "Thank you very much."

"Any friend of Cora's is a friend of mine. And I... I see you as my own sister. It's normal that I treat you well." Jordan had other words on the tip of his tongue, but he changed them in the end.

Cassie felt embarrassed and decided to change the topic. She asked, "Can I use your phone to call Cora? My phone battery died earlier."

Jordan took out his mobile phone and passed it to Cassie.

The moment she swiped and unlocked the phone, her jaw dropped to the floor.

Never in her entire life did she expect that his screen saver would be... a picture of her!

'Oh my God, this is so embarrassing!' Cassie was so nervous that her palms were clammy and sweaty, but she could neither say nor ask anything. She couldn't bring herself to face him. She didn't want to bring it up because she was afraid that he would say something she wouldn't be able to handle.

Pretending as if she hadn't seen her picture in his phone, she casu

, Charles decided to go back to the company and deal with all the work that had piled up.

"Come and see me in my office!" After Charles arrived at the company, the first thing he did was call his assistant instead of dealing with the heaps of files scattered on his desk.

"Yes, Mr. Lu," said his David, as he hung up and went to Charles' office immediately.

"Mr. Lu, what can I do for you?"

"Have you found out anything about Shirley? It's been a long time now. The longer she's out there, the greater her chances are of being in danger. You need to speed things up!" Charles tapped his fingers on the desk subconsciously. It was clear that the man was dealing with severe distress and anxiety.

He hadn't slept for many days. As long as he thought that Shirley was still in danger, he couldn't stop feeling restless. Every fiber of his being yearned to shred Leila into pieces.

"There is no new information. After Jim went to prison, the clues stopped coming in. How about doing things the hard way and forcing him to tell us where Shirley is now?"

David understood and sympathized with Charles, but thanks to Leila for sending Jim to prison, all their plans had gone down the drain. Finding himself at a dead-end, he couldn't think of anything else besides torturing Jim. Time was of the essence and they needed to act accordingly.

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