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   Chapter 1389 Did You Get Injured

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In an unlucky coincidence, just as Cassie was about to approach Nick, another movie had finished causing a stream of people to rush out of the cinema abruptly and block her path.

"Sorry! I didn't see you there." One of the people apologized as he accidentally stepped on Cassie's foot.

Cassie shook her head and stood on her tiptoes to look over the crowd anxiously. Unfortunately, Nick was gone.

"Damn it!"

Cassie stood there, clenching her fists in disappointment. She was certain that it was Nick.

She was also certain that she had seen a female companion by his side. The woman had a tall figure with long hair which draped over her shoulders. Cassie figured it must be the person whose hands she had seen in the photo.

Cassie's heart ached. Although she hadn't seen the face of the woman and her conclusions were only based on assumptions, she knew that a man would not have come to the cinema all by himself to watch a movie.

'Since when did Nick come back? And why didn't he contact me?

Did he fall in love with another woman?' Cassie was so upset.

She couldn't find a way to calm herself down. Caught up in her own despair, she even forgot about Cora who was still watching the movie in the cinema. At a complete loss, Cassie walked along the road aimlessly, paying no attention to the people and things around her.

Suddenly, the sound of her cell phone ringing in her pocket caused her to stop walking.

Cassie was distracted by the familiar song she had set as the ringtone. Instead of answering the call immediately, she left it ringing until the caller hung up. Then she slowly took out the phone to find out who the caller was.

It was Cora's number.

Suddenly, Cassie remembered that Cora was still waiting for her at the cinema, so she immediately called back.

"Cassie, you've been in the washroom for a long time. Is everything okay? The movie just ended. Where are you?" Cora was on the verge of tears, fearing that Cassie had been abducted again.

Cassie bit her lip, feeling guilty for worrying Cora. She imme

to see her, Jordan called out to her excitedly, "Cassie!"

Cassie was so tired that she decided to rest for a while. While she was rubbing her legs and feet, she heard a familiar voice. At first, she thought it was just her weary mind playing an illusion until a pair of strong arms pulled her up.

"Jordan!" Cassie cried out surprisingly when she saw the man's face.

She never expected Jordan would have shown up here.

"What happened? Are you okay?" Distressed, Jordan looked at her with concern.

Cassie shook her head, not knowing how to explain herself. In fact, Jordan was the last person she wanted to see. However, ironically, this man appeared in front of her when she was in trouble.

"Cora called me just now. I was worried that you might run into trouble, so I came as fast as I could. You don't look so good. Let me take you to the hospital." Cassie's silence added to Jordan's anxiety and he was about to pull her hand.

However, Cassie drew her hand back to avoid his touch. Then, without word or warning, she turned around to walk away. But the moment she lifted her foot, a sharp pain shot up her legs and caused her face to contort in agony.

"Did you hurt your feet?" Jordan just noticed that Cassie's feet had swollen up. Although she was wearing sandals, he could see that her toes were not only swollen, they were frayed and bleeding as well.

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