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   Chapter 1388 I Saw Him

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At a loss for words, Charles didn't know what to make of the fact that Sheryl had different nurses checking up on her every day. Although they didn't give him the slightest hint that they were gossiping about him, somehow he still felt uncomfortable.

Sheryl teased Charles, just to relieve her sheer boredom, "See, here comes another member of your fan club."

Amused, Charles chuckled and pinched Sheryl's nose. "You know, I love you the most."

Charles spent the last few days at the hospital taking care of Sheryl, putting aside his work. In the meantime, he had hired some people to keep looking for Shirley. Before long he came to learn from his subordinates that Leila had framed Jim and sent him to prison.

This knowledge only helped to fuel Charles' frustrations. He was annoyed at Leila for making a mess of his plans because if it weren't for her, Shirley would be back home by now.

Jim was the only person who knew where Shirley was. Now that he was in prison, Charles had to make different arrangements. He had to call in favors from his friends in high places to help him contact Jim.

Sheryl wasn't the only one worried about Shirley. In fact, Charles was just as overwrought as she was.

At the Dream Garden

Leila was utterly exhausted and the consequences of her actions had caught up with her. It was as if she had jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. Not only did she fail to find Shirley, she was also the reason why Sheryl was in the hospital.

Charles had put her under house-arrest, preventing her from going anywhere without his permission which made her want to pull her hair out.

After all, she couldn't just stay at home and do nothing. Shirley was still out there and she needed to find her as soon as possible. There was no room for excuses.

After much deliberation, Leila finally concocted another plan. However, since she wasn't allowed to leave the house, she would have

ng next to Cassie was a lovely couple. From what she could gather, they were very sweet. They sat very close to each other, feeding each other popcorn and coke, which made Cassie jealous.

"Cassie, what's wrong? This is a good movie. Aren't you having a good time?" Cora asked Cassie.

Cassie shook her head and lowered her voice saying, "I need to go to the bathroom. Be right back."

Cora casually nodded her head and made space for Cassie to leave, finding nothing suspicious.

Cassie badly needed a breath of fresh air outside the cinema.

The couple sitting next to her made her sick.

In truth, Cassie was just envious of their loving relationship. No matter how different their backgrounds were or whether they were good looking or not, as long as two people loved each other and cared for each other, it was the happiest relationship in the world.

Wallowing in self-pity, Cassie couldn't help but sigh in exasperation as she thought about her current situation. Feeling upset, she decided to go to the bathroom to fix up her make-up and that was when she saw him.

Was it Nick?

It was Nick!

The moment Cassie turned around and lifted her head, she saw him walk to a corner.

Cassie felt her heartbeat quicken, and without thinking too much, she ran to him.

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