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   Chapter 1387 I Don't Know!

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When he heard Nancy's words, Charles glanced from Sheryl's face to her fingers. As Nancy said, her fingers move slightly.

Wearing an astonishment expression, Charles blinked his eyes a few times to clear his sight. Suddenly, he lowered his head, closed his eyes, and pinched between his eyes. After a while, he opened his eyes again and let out a deep breath as a sign of relief. A coma patient who could move her fingers was a good sign of recovery.

Luck was on their side. Soon after, Sheryl opened her eyes slowly in the hot gaze of Charles and Nancy.

Ecstasy clouded him, making Charles held Sheryl's hand. Looking at her with his eyes filled with deep love, he was preoccupied now.

"Sher! Finally, you're awake. It's a miracle," Charles said. His feelings and emotions were too complicated, and he didn't know how to express them.

Bursting out into cries while speaking was a rare thing to see from Charles. When Sheryl was in a coma, he felt guilty and blamed it on himself every second. His anxiety was at a peak as he thought that Sheryl would not come back into life again.

If so, he would lose Sheryl forever. What could have happened to him then?

As long as this thought hit his mind, Charles felt a piercing ache in his heart. The pain could almost drive him into suffocation.

Gladly, Sheryl was alive, so his fear would not occur this time. Life came back, not only to Sheryl but also to Charles, who almost died in worries.

At this time, Sheryl seemed to be confused about what had happened, and why she was in hospital now. She looked around in a daze.

A minute later, she focused on Charles.

"Have I been in sleep for a long time?" Sheryl widened her eyes and asked Charles.

"Yes, you were in a coma for such a long time that I was afraid that you wouldn't wake up again," Charles answered fretted. Out of great relief, Charles pulled Sheryl's hand and kissed it.

Feeling concerned, Nancy interrupted them, "You have been in a coma for a long time. Are you hungry now? I bring you some chicken soup and porridge. Come to eat some first."

Embarrassment filled Charles; he scratched his head and said regretfully

center of jealousy was the Lu couple.

Therefore, lots of nurses would take rounds as an excuse to see Charles. Every time they saw Charles, they carried an expression of admiration.

Who could have not felt the same as the nurses? They just saw the scenes where Charles fed Sheryl with food, accompanied her to walk, read poems for her and would cover her eyes and say "It's okay" every time she got injected and then blew her bruise gently.

It was the scene in the soap opera that no one would not dare to miss. It was sweeter than the soap opera.

Those nurses were stunned in Charles' charm and deep love, so the topic they chatted was all about Charles and his wife.

"Mr. Lu is perfect! He is rich, handsome, and he loves his wife deeply. How can I find a boyfriend like him? Alas!" They sighed in jealousy and lamented about how all perfect husbands had wives already. Life was cruel and unfair to them.

"Yes. If I have such a husband, I'll laugh even in sleep."

"You continue your foolish daydream."

Everyone was fooled by love based on physical aspects. It was superficially perfect at first. But if it involved other perspectives of life, it began to worsen and be destroyed later.

Where could perfect love have hidden? Match made-in-heaven lovers were rare to witness nowadays.

This kind of scene was only in soap operas on television. It suggested that people were always looking forward to perfect love.

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