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   Chapter 1385 Why Are You So Nervous

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In the corridor of the hospital, Charles raised his wrist to look at his watch. It wasn't too late at night.

Without hesitation, he dialed the number of Dream Garden.

It was Nancy who answered the call.

"Hello, Mr. Lu. Did Sher wake up?" Nancy had planned to stay at the hospital to take care of Sheryl. However, Charles insisted on being there alone, so she had to go back to Dream Garden, though she never stopped worrying about Sheryl.

She was anxious to know how Sheryl was doing and couldn't help but ask Charles eagerly.

"Sher hasn't woken up yet. But the doctor said that she was out of danger and would recover after some rest."

Charles knew that Nancy was worried about Sheryl, so he promptly told her what the doctor had said.

"Thank God! I am so relieved to know that." Upon hearing the good news, Nancy was so happy that she was about to cry.

Nancy was thinking about making some nutritious food for Sheryl to aid in her recovery when she regained consciousness.

"Nancy, tell Mom and Leila, they are not allowed to leave Dream Garden until I find out who tried to murder Sher!" Charles said in a serious voice.

"Got it," Nancy answered. After hanging up, she immediately went to inform Melissa and Leila.

Nancy found them lazing around in the living room. She approached them with a straight face and said, "Mr. Lu said until the perpetrator for the attempted murder of Sheryl is found, you two are not allowed to leave the house!"

Nancy had always been nice to everyone. She would never show irritation when Leila and Melissa had gone too far with her, but now she was different. Her face was dark, and her eyes were filled with coldness.

Melissa and Leila were astounded by her bluntness and attitude toward them. When they heard what Nancy had said, they were even more dumbfounded.

After a short time, Melissa recovered from the shock. 'Charles regards me as


Melissa raised an eyebrow at Leila's jumpy reaction and stared at her mysteriously. Leila felt intimidated and scared by her intense gaze. She couldn't help but ball her fists instinctively.

"Why are you so nervous?" Melissa asked as she walked closer to Leila and whispered in her ear.

Leila winced, it was as if she wasn't used to Melissa being so close to her. She subconsciously stepped back, distancing herself from Melissa.

Melissa regarded her for a moment and decided to be frank. "It was you who tried to kill Sheryl. Am I right? Leila, I have to say. I admire you very much. You've got guts I'll give you that much!"

Leila was in a panic, and her legs nearly buckled beneath her. She took a couple more steps back and turned so as not to look at Melissa.

"Aunt Melissa, I don't understand what you're talking about. How could I do something to hurt Sheryl? You must have misunderstood me. I didn't know that Sheryl was in danger until this morning," Leila protested with trepidation. She had lost all sense of logic, but she still tried to reason with Melissa, refusing to confess.

Melissa despised Leila's affectation. She looked at Leila with an ironic smile, and to Leila, it was like being slapped hard across the face. Leila felt ashamed.

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