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   Chapter 1384 Things Turning Out The Opposite

The Substitute Bride By Changdu Characters: 7090

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It was a cold and quiet night.

Cassie lay in bed, restless. She kept thinking about what happened those past few days.

Shawn arranging to have her kidnapped, Jordan saving her by accident, and even his weekly visits were upsetting Cassie a lot.

She suddenly felt an impulse to hide. She wanted to run away, where no one would find her. Cassie just wanted to live quietly.

If she couldn't be with Nick anymore, any other place was just the same. Cassie was shocked by this sudden realization. 'Does Nick play such an important role in my life?'

She ran the question over and over in her head. Cassie kept trying to take him out of her mind, but she never succeeded.

No matter how hard she tried to push him away or forget him, he was rooted deeply in her heart.

Cassie was getting even more distressed. She sat up, giving up on sleep, and took her phone out to browse at WeChat.

She clicked on Nick's profile. Their last interaction was a little more than two weeks ago. Those sweet messages were now like a huge slap in the face to her. It was mocking her and her innocence. She couldn't help but feel humiliated.

'Cassie, are you really still so hung up on him?' Cassie asked herself sadly.

Looking at Nick's photo, Cassie couldn't help but cry. She sniffed as she clicked on it, accessing his Moments.

Nick rarely updated his profile, and even more so his Moments. The last one he posted might have been more than two weeks ago. However, once she saw his Moments, her eyes widened.

This was new?

This was just posted. Nick published a new Moment.

It was of a high-class restaurant. Nick took a few photos of the menu, which Cassie looked at thoroughly. She didn't know what she was really looking for, but at least it kept her up to date with Nick's life.

Staring at the photos one by one, Cassie couldn't help but feel a little down and disappointed. These photos had nothing to do with his track.

Cassie was beginning to feel a little worse, wanting to close the Moments. She stared at the last one.

In the last photo, she saw a pair of hands on the right

ly, knowing she shouldn't recall him the time of day any longer. Shaking her head, she suddenly saw a tall figure underneath.

The silhouette was slender and long, cascading a longer shadow by the moonlight. Cassie blinked once, then twice, to make sure that her eyes weren't playing tricks on her.

'Could it be Nick? Could it really be him?

It's him. It must be him! Who else could it be?'

Cassie thought excitedly, anger and sadness no longer in her body.

She rubbed her eyes and stuck her face closer to the window. She wanted to look more clearly. She wanted to make sure it was him. However, it also frightened her to know that there was a possibility that she was just seeing things that weren't there.

She couldn't help it. She had to find out. She put her hands closer to the windowsill, looking at the dark silhouette.

She blinked her eyes, letting them adjust to the dark evening. As soon as she saw the different chiseled shoulder, the different stance, her heart began to break.

It wasn't Nick.

This man was looking directly at Cassie; something Nick never did to her. It was a cold, intimidating stare. It was Jordan.

Cassie jumped away from the window like a hot, burning fire.

'Why is Jordan here? At this time of hour? Why is he looking at my home?' Cassie wondered, baffled by his presence.

Cassie's heart rose up in her throat, beating much more quickly.

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