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   Chapter 1383 Bad Dreams

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What happened last night flashed across Sheryl's mind vividly like a movie. She made the utmost effort to make sure that every step was seamless, and she couldn't afford any mistakes or accidents.

It was the breakthrough that Sheryl needed, a once in a blue moon opportunity. Leila was so cunning and deceitful whereas she, on the other hand, was softhearted. If Leila hadn't given herself away, Sheryl would never have come up with such an idea of bringing her under control and forcing her to reveal where they hid Shirley, although she desperately clung to the idea to get Shirley back. Sheryl would never regret doing it for one moment.

Sheryl lay motionless in the VIP ward at the hospital, and she still hadn't woken up, not even once.

Twelve hours had passed by quickly, and by this stage, the doctor was sure that she was out of danger. After giving Sheryl another thorough checkup, the doctor returned to his office and called Charles to keep him updated on Sheryl's progress.

"I have a question, Doctor. Now that she is out of the woods, why doesn't she wake up?" Charlie asked in a worried tone. Charles came into the doctor's office immediately in the hope that there was a sign that she would wake soon.

The doctor looked up at him after reading the medical record and replied earnestly, "Mr. Lu, please don't worry. These things take some time. After all, she had been attacked unexpectedly in her already weakened condition. She has been through a lot and needs more time to rest. I believe that she will wake when she is well-rested."

"All right then. Thank you for your letting me know, Doctor," Charles said. The doctors' words offered some comfort to take a load from his mind. However, Charles wouldn't completely relax, not until Sheryl woke up and smiled at him.

"You're welcome, Mr. Lu. I'm just doing my job. She will get better soon and please take care of her. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me," the doctor added.

Charles nodded and left the doctor's office. He rubbed his head, absentmindedly on his way to Sheryl's ward. When he entered the room and saw Sheryl, a smile of relief crept onto the corners of his mouth. He noticed beads of sweat on her brows, which reminded him that he needed to bath her.

It had been two days since Sheryl had a shower, and he knew that she would feel remorseful if she learned that she hadn't showered yet.

The smile on his face widened when he remembered how Sheryl used to show ill-temper at him.

After locking the door for privacy, Charles went to the bathroom and soaked a towel under the tap.

Then he went back to the bed and gently proceeded to wipe Sheryl's face and neck with great care.

Charles had never done this before, and so he deliberately slowed down his movements, in order not to hurt her.

When he spotted the bruise on her neck, he paused, and the tenderness in his eyes disappeared. He felt the rage building

his period. Charles stressed that he didn't want to be disturbed unless there was a major emergency such as the sky was falling down.

All of his attention was on Sheryl now. He wasn't able to spare any of his time to his Shining Company.

He pulled a chair up next to her bed and sat down. The chair wasn't very comfortable because Charles was a tall and burly man. However, Charles didn't seem to realize it. Sheryl was the only person that mattered now, and nothing else was necessary at the moment.

He just gazed at her and was unaware of the time. Suddenly he heard Sheryl mumble something in her sleep. Charles leaned in and put his ear closer to her mouth to listen.

"Oww, it hurts! Please don't hurt me! Stay away from me! Stay away from my daughter! Please, leave us alone!" she murmured with her eyes still shut.

Charles' heart broke when he saw that Sheryl must have been having a nightmare. She frowned in her sleep while her eyelids twitched and tears slid down from the corners of her eyes.

Charles didn't interrupt her but stayed quiet to hear more. However, Sheryl fell silent once again. It was as if what he heard were all in his imagination.

He stroked her hair lovingly to calm her down.

"Sher, it's me, Charles! I'm here with you. It's all right. Don't be scared. I'll protect you and the children. I'll always be here for you. Just relax and sleep, knowing that I am here with you," he whispered regardless of whether she could hear him or not.

The next moment his eyes had sharpened like a pair of icy daggers. No trace of the softness was left that he bore for Sheryl from a moment ago, because he thought of the people that hurt her.

He gently rubbed her shoulders to soothe her until her breathing was slow and steady again. When Charles was satisfied that Sheryl had relaxed and fallen into a deep slumber, he stood up and headed for the door. The gale was raging, and the storm was about to break and wreak havoc.

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