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   Chapter 1382 The Self-injury Trick

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As Leila carefully recalled what happened that night, she made sure that no one would be able to see her break into Sheryl's room at midnight. She knew that Sheryl's room wasn't installed with security cameras. No one saw her creep towards Sheryl; no one saw Leila pinch her. Sheryl was still blissfully asleep, stuck in her coma.

Only Leila and God knew what she did here tonight.

'Whatever Charles might find out later, he would never think that I had something to do with it,'

Leila thought to herself calmly, her heart beginning to slow down.

Charles followed the nurses to where the hospital ward was. He was busy thinking about the process, just as Leila had expected.

He suddenly recalled the doctor's words in front of the emergency room. 'Strangle Sheryl? I know enough that there's someone out for Sheryl. But who is it?' Charles pondered worriedly, squinting his eyes in exhaustion.

When he got to Sheryl's ward, he found a dark, purple bruise on her pale, slender neck. It stood prominently against her skin, like a distracting stain on a beautiful white shirt.

He felt extremely sorry for Sheryl. His guilt had piled up on the edge of his throat. He wasn't able to protect her when she needed him.

Charles gently touched Sheryl's neck, carefully grazing the bruise. Even if the doctor had told him that Sheryl's condition had stabilized, he was still frightened for her.

If she didn't make it, nothing would be able to ease his pain, not even if he figured out who the murderer was.

Sheryl was still asleep.

She lay motionlessly in the bed, except for the shallow rise and fall of her chest.

Nobody would have expected Sheryl to be awake this moment. From last night until earlier today, she had stayed awak


Sheryl greeted over the phone. She and the doctor were very old friends, but they rarely contacted each other. Charles was oblivious to his existence.

They always kept in touch, however. They always called each other during the holidays or festivals.

"Sheryl. Is everything all right? Are you okay?"

the doctor asked almost immediately upon hearing Sheryl's crooked voice. He could tell from the sound of her rasp and broken voice that something was off. He quickly got up and headed towards the wardrobe, preparing to change into his work clothes.

Sheryl heard those sounds and explained quickly, "Relax. I'm okay. I'm sorry I called you too late. I just want to ask you a favor."

The doctor slowed down, and continued to listen to what she had to say. They talked for a few hours before they called it a night. They were going to start the plan the next day, with his full cooperation to help Sheryl make it look like a self-injury.

Leila had taken her actions foolishly; it was the perfect time for Sheryl to set a trap for her. She had to act well. Leila had to pay for what she had done, and this was the only way to know where Shirley was.

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