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   Chapter 1381 His Suspicion

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With Sheryl's life hanging in the balance, Charles recalled all the things that he had done to her and how he had failed Sheryl's love. He hung his head low and felt deeply remorseful. Charles regretted not treating Sheryl better and not telling her how important she was to him.

'Sher, please don't give up! Please live for me!' Charles prayed silently.

If she pulled through this, Charles would ensure that they lived the rest of their lives happily together. He would never let Sheryl be exposed to any harm or injustice again. No matter what, he would stand in front of her to protect her from all evil.

Now that Charles might lose Sheryl, he realized that she was the most import person in his world. Without her, he would live with a dead heart.

Time trickled by, and every second was like a year to Charles. Charles was tortured by sorrow and depression every second because he didn't know what was happening to his precious Sheryl.

The longer he waited, the more anxious Charles had become. He was overwhelmed with grief that he hallucinated Sheryl standing before him with a smile on her face. She told him gently that it was only a nightmare and that she was safe and sound.

Sitting on a chair, Melissa was playing games on her cell phone to while away the time. She glanced up and noticed the anguish and despair on Charles' face. He was her son, and it broke her heart to see him so sad and depressed.

She patted Charles on the shoulder and pretended to feel the same way as Charles. "Charles, I know you're worried about her. We must believe the doctors will try their best to save her life. Come on. Sit down, and have some rest."

Charles wasn't in the mood to deal with Melissa now. All that he cared about at this point was Sheryl.

Melissa opened her mouth to say something else, but Charles cut her off and said callously, "If Sher doesn't survive, I'll find out by any means possible what happened to her, and the people who hurt Sher will suffer greatly for it!"

Charles had never looked so fearful as he did now. His expression was cold and determined, and his eyes were filled with hate and vengefulness.

When Leila heard it, a cold shiver ran up Lei

Knowing that she wasn't going to leave him, he suddenly felt everything was okay again. Charles already had his suspicions about how Sheryl came to be in this state, and the doctor had just confirmed what he thought was right.

However, at this point, all that he cared about was the health of his wife, and that she was going to be okay.

"Thank you so much! Thank you!" Charles wept because of the joy and relief that he felt. He kept repeating his gratitude over again to the doctor.

Melissa wasn't happy. She couldn't believe that Sheryl was so lucky to have survived and she felt dissatisfied. Melissa was hoping and had expected that Sheryl would die so she wouldn't have to see her anymore and wouldn't be bothered by her.

But to her disappointment, Sheryl lived. It was very frustrating to her.

Leila's mind was racing, and she was weighed down with panic and fear. They all heard what the doctor had said, and she knew that Charles would get to the bottom of who had tried to strangle Sheryl.

She had to figure out how to disassociate herself from this accident. Otherwise, Charles would never forgive her and who knew what he would do to her if he found out.

'What can I do to get out of this?' Leila was immersed in her thoughts.

There was no evidence to prove that she had tried to asphyxiate Sheryl. If Sheryl claimed that she did it, then Leila would deny it. She believed Charles wouldn't do anything to her and would believe her.

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