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   Chapter 1379 Sheryl's Coma

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As Melissa got to the living room, she sat down and saw Leila sitting on the sofa with a straight face. Leila didn't look well, as if her world was about to end.

Melissa asked distantly, "Leila, you're up early. You look unhappy. Did something happen?"

Leila just realized that Melissa had gone downstairs and sat behind her. She raised her head and greeted Melissa coldly.

"Good morning, Aunt Melissa. I'm fine. I just wasn't able to sleep properly last night and it's making me dizzy."

"Really? Then why are you up so early? Why don't you go back to bed and try to get some sleep?" Melissa walked towards the refrigerator and poured Leila and herself a glass of milk.

Leila took the glass of milk unconsciously, keeping silent. She was in her own world.

Leila despised the way Melissa was treating her. Her voice was annoyed when she spoke. She figured Melissa wouldn't even notice because she wasn't the type of person to notice things like that.

"Even if I lie down now, I wouldn't be able to fall asleep. I may as well just get up. It might help."

Melissa nodded and didn't press on any further, but she did continue talking.

"Sheryl hasn't been getting up the past few days. All she did was lie in her bed waiting for other people to do things for her. What I don't understand is how on earth Charles married a woman like that!"

Melissa kept rambling on regardless if Leila said something or not. All Melissa cared about was talking about Sheryl behind her back like she was waiting for

yl. Please, please, you'll be okay,' thought Charles.

Charles got up right away, grabbed his keys, and headed out the office.

'It can't be. This can't be. Sheryl's fine. God, please.' Charles was praying in his heart.

In the Dream Garden

Nancy went back to Sheryl's bedroom while waiting for the ambulance. She stood silently beside Sheryl. She held Sheryl's hand tightly as if she wanted to transfer some life into her.

Melissa followed Nancy to the bedroom. She wanted to see what really happened. She saw how still Sheryl lay like she was in a coma. She put her finger under Sheryl's nose trying to feel something but to no avail—Sheryl wasn't breathing.

Melissa gazed as Sheryl lay there motionless. Something was stirring in her heart. She hated Sheryl with all her might and maybe God must've heard her.

Melissa lowered her gaze to hide her joy. She figured if Sheryl died, she wouldn't have to deal with her anymore and her son wouldn't have to spend his life with such a useless woman.

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