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   Chapter 1378 Kill Her

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Leila only wished that someone would give her just the tiniest hope at this point in her life. However, she had no one. No one reached out to her.

She didn't bother crying about it and moping around because now she'd found a new goal. She found something that would motivate her which was hatred. 'There's no way back. I can't turn back time, so I might as well just take Sheryl down with me,' Leila thought to herself.

Her eyes were full of deep-seated hatred. Leila was going to do no matter what it took.

Leila stared at Sheryl's perfect figures for a long time. Finally, she lifted her hand to touch Sheryl's cold face in the dimmed lights. She stroked her figures lightly as if enjoying a perfect masterpiece.

'Wow, such a beauty! What will happen if something goes wrong with her face? Will Charlie still love her?' Leila began to fantasize. She even had time to test her ideas.

Sheryl should've awakened by Leila barging into her bedroom and caressing her face like a pervert—anyone would've gotten awaken by it.

But what was strange was that Sheryl was still sunk in sleep like she was already resigned to this world of darkness that she was now in.

Leila didn't realize how strange it was because she was too caught up in her own emotions. She just thought the reason why Sheryl didn't wake up was that she was in the middle of a deep sleep and that her touch was gentle enough to not disturb her.

Leila's hand looked thin and white in the moonlight. She gradually moved her hand to Sheryl's delicate neck.


in the early morning was a little cold and moist. Leila had sat on the sofa for half an hour, and her hands and feet had become as cold as water. As the sun gradually came up, the fog had disappeared as if it was never there. It was replaced by the sunlight.

Leila still felt cold despite the sunrise. She felt like she was in hell. She wrapped her arms around herself, terrified.

After a while, Melissa got up and went downstairs. She looked relaxed. It seemed that Shirley's condition didn't bother her at all. She was selfish like that. She never bothered to worry about anyone as long as she was okay.

If it was Charles who had been kidnapped, she wouldn't get worried as long as she could still keep her lavish lifestyle. Maybe she'd act sad and worried for a while but that was it.

The only one Melissa cared about was herself, and what mattered most to her was her luxurious life. She'd gotten a bit worried about Shirley but had sooner dismissed the feeling when she realized she could just blame it all on Leila.

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