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   Chapter 1377 Lifted A Finger

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6032

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Both Leila and Melissa lost their appetite. They took a few bites and went back to their own bedrooms, as if some monsters were chasing them

When she was in her bedroom, Leila remembered something which was interrupted by Melissa just now. She took out her phone and dialed a number.

"Hello, Benjamin. Can you help me look for a girl? It isn't like looking for a needle in a haystack. I will text you three locations. Can you do me a favor and go to those places?" Leila asked sincerely.

"Leila, we're friends. Sure, I will be glad to help you. Text me later. And remember to send me a picture of the person you are looking for so that I can recognize her." Benjamin said yes to Leila, which made her breathe a sigh of relief. She needed to find Shirley in three days. It would be an impossible mission if she did it on her own, since time was limited. She decided to ask for help.

"Thank you so much, Benjamin. I will text you now."

"No problem. It's just to lift a linger."

"I really appreciate it, Benjamin. Please call me if you have any updates. She's a missing child from my relatives. We're very worried now." Leila exaggerated it, trying to make Benjamin be serious about this.

Benjamin was startled. A missing child was a big issue. He fully understood Leila's anxiety and worry, so he assured Leila from the other end of the phone, "I promise, I will try my best to find the kid and bring her back to you as long as I find her."

Leila still couldn't fall asleep after she hung up. She felt like she couldn't breathe as this issue had been weighing in her mind.

She tossed and turned until midnight.

At midnight, Leila was so anxious that she got up and sneaked out from her bedroom.

She tiptoed to Sheryl's bedroom. She opened the door easily and slipped into

d done nothing wrong! But why? Why should she be tortured by Jim that way?

Leila didn't think Sheryl was any better than her. Why should she fall in hell whereas Sheryl lived in heaven, enjoying all the love and care? Why were their situations so different?

This was unfair! Leila didn't believe in fate! She was the one who took charge of her life. Why should Sheryl always live in the castle and be treated like a princess? Leila was determined to destroy Sheryl, because in her eyes, Sheryl didn't deserve this. This world would be much better if Sheryl never existed. Then she would be Charles' wife and she would be the host of the Lu family.

Leila totally went out of control. Her eyes became red because of anger and hatred. Sheryl brought her nothing but pain. Leila wanted Sheryl to feel that too. She wanted Sheryl to experience the feeling of being tortured and never getting the man she loved.

Leila thought about those painful experiences—she looking at Charles and Sheryl displaying affection and she being ignored even hated by Charles.

And Leila would never forget that afternoon when Jim rode on top of her in that dusty room. Those pain and desperate were still vivid.

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