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   Chapter 1376 Three Days Of Mercy

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"Frankly speaking, I also have no idea where Jim took and hid Shirley. I tried to ask him many times, but he always refused to tell me, even just a single clue. I only found out recently that Jim was an ex-convict due to drug-taking. I had no idea, and the news had knocked me over with a feather. I am uptight where Shirley could be, as well as her safety, as much as you do. Aunt Melissa, I am still trying the best I could to look for—" With a shot of Melissa's blazing eyes, Leila wasn't able to continue her pleading explanation. Inevitably, she trembled in nervousness and hesitance. Although she tried to persuade Melissa and erase her worries, Leila herself even found the situation hard to rest assured. It seemed that things were going to lose out of control!

The pleading and concerned words from Leila didn't make Melissa feel even a little bit better. Instead, she was in the verge of losing her temper. At the same time, her heart sank, and panic crawled across her spine. The old lady was starting to taste a bitter end. The plan was supposed to oust Sheryl from the Lu family, but the result was turned upside down. Unbearably quivering inside, Melissa thought, 'Did I misheard her? Still looking for what? Why did she ask an unsavory man like Jim to do such a job in the first place? And what? A drug addict? She bet Shirley's life on a drug fiend! They have no mercy! They are willing to kill to buy drugs. How stupid Leila is to let my granddaughter fall into that criminal's hands!

Don't tell me that Leila intentionally planned all of this? It was a benefit to Leila if we can't retrieve Shirley soon. Charles and Sheryl's relationship will have a taint for sure. But should she give Shirley to a delinquent man like Jim? Such a wicked woman! I can't believe her guts! She made a fool of us! You will regret this, Leila!' Many suspicions were molding inside her head.

The more Melissa thought of the situation, the worse the scenario she imagined. Her paranoia was making her imagination more vivid in her mind. She had faltering confidence, not only about Shirley's condition but also about the wrath of her son. If anything happened to Shirley, Charles would surely let the police step in and fully take over the case. The truth would escape from the discretion at the end of the day. What if Charles found out that his mother was one of the accomplices of kidnapping his daughter? Then what would be left with her? Imagining that her son would be the first one to take her to the police and put her into prison terrified Melissa. From what she already knew, Charles could never tolerate any threats in any form when his daughter's safety was involved.

Having a stern character, Charles didn't show much enthusiasm towards people. But the way Charles pampered the two kids showed there was no one else who could replace his kids in his heart. Even if Melissa, his mother, dared to cross his bottom line, Charles would not overlook her sin at all. Forgiveness and mercy would not cross his mind if he discovered her role in kidnapping his daughter.

With these troublesome thoughts, Melissa's face turned gloomy. She questioned in her mind, 'Are you going to kill my granddaughter?' While casting a sinister look at her, Melissa badly wanted to yell out to Leila's face, but that would sound too emotional.

So, she suppressed it, pulled it back, and snapped out in a calm and solemn tone, "Anyway, you have to find my Shirley and bring her home safely. I have to warn you, if anything happens to Shirley, neither of us could afford to take the blame! We all know how Charles' vengeance could be when his children are involved. And to remind you, that was your idea in the first place!" Though Melissa tried to be as calm as

thoughts made Melissa torn. After a while of contemplation, she finally decided to give a little patience to Leila and wait for three more days. But if Leila failed to keep her promise, she would taste the wrath of senescence, as Melissa would not hesitate anymore to destroy Leila mercilessly.

At the moment, Melissa's eyes turned grim. Her feeling of extreme fury seemed ready to tear everything in front of her eyes. Their plan was failing miserably.

At the dining room of Lu family

The whole dining room that used to be full of laughter and noises, was now silent. Charles didn't come home tonight. Perhaps he was invited to join a dinner party for business. Meanwhile, Sheryl was too weak to go downstairs, and was being taken care of by Nancy. Only the two people, Melissa and Leila, sat at the table who were both fuming mad inside, filling the dining area with tension.

During the meal, both Melissa and Leila buried their faces to the table. Before today, they used to have a lot to talk with each other before the food was served. But now, not a single word from them was uttered. The atmosphere was completely different from before due to the quarrel invoked by Melissa, which seemed to result in the alienation of them.

"Leila, let me repeat myself to make things clear. Three days, I'll only leave you three days. And if you fail to take Shirley back home, prepare for the consequences!"

The ambiance darkened even more as Melissa warned Leila in a cold voice. Leila's eyes were still dropped into her bowl as she tried to suppress her anger.

With Melissa's repeated threat, Leila felt more diffident that she couldn't reply at once. Though she had promised that she could bring Shirley back to Melissa in three days by searching the three spots thoroughly, that was for certain at all. After a while of thinking, she adjusted herself and was ready to respond.

"Okay, Aunt Melissa, rest assured. I won't fail you this time. Three days, I will find out where Shirley is hidden, and bring her home!" Leila replied, with a sweet smile.

These words worked effectively, like a charm. After hearing what she had said, Melissa didn't utter one more word. Gladly, she had made herself clear and intimidating. With these treatment from Melissa, she believed Leila would make every effort she could do to find Shirley; otherwise, Leila wouldn't get away with what she had done. Anyone who messed up with Lu family would taste their wrath, little by little and very painfully.

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