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   Chapter 1375 Questioning

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After Cora left, Cassie noticed a difference in Gamora's facial expression as she walked over to her. This time, her face looked pale and frightened.

"Cassie!" Gamora called her name, then bit her lip, reluctant to utter another word.

Cassie looked at Gamora and asked, "I've tried calling you a few times, but the line wasn't going through. Did something happen? Are you okay?"

Gamora pressed her lips tightly and kept silent. The color from her face had drained and her limbs were heavy and powerless.

"What on earth is the matter with you? Does he know that I called you yesterday?"

Cassie's eyes widened with anticipation.

Eventually, Gamora raised her head slowly, her eyes glazing over like person bereft of all hope. "Cassie, sorry. I'm so sorry. I..."

"Sorry? For what? Don't be sorry. You haven't done anything wrong to me. There's no need to feel guilty."

"The truth is..." Gamora took a deep breath. "The reason you got into trouble with Shawn was because I had showed your picture to them. It was all my fault. I must be out my mind at that time, and I should not have done that."

Cassie was relieved to get an apology from Gamora. She thought that it was not a big deal. She had known that what had happened in the KTV must be related with Gamora, but she had forgiven her already.

"I have known about for some time now," Cassie said calmly.

"What? You knew about it all along?" This time Gamora's eyes widened. But it had more to do with the shock Cassie had given her.

The feeling of guilt over what she had done haunted her thoughts for a long time, but she never expected that Cassie had known about her involvement the whole time.

"Gamora, I don't blame you for what you did. I hope that you stop feeling guilty about it. In fact, unknowingly, you ended up saving me this time. But you should be careful of those people. Good isn't a word I will use to describe them. You would be better off staying away from them," Cassie suggested with deep sincer


However, since Melissa was already expecting Leila to lie, she made sure not to give her any chances by bombarding her with questions.

"Don't make a fool out of me! What happened to Shirley? Tell me the truth! Tell me everything clearly!"

Leila understood that she couldn't hide the truth from Melissa, so she told her the whole story, keeping the part where she was raped by Jim to herself.

"Melissa, take it easy. At first, things were going well, but the man called Jim, who was asked to kidnap Shirley, betrayed us, all of a sudden. He hid Shirley and tried to blackmail the Lu family for ransom money." Leila confessed to everything while she looked at the shock register on Melissa's face.

"So do you know where Jim and Shirley are?"

Melissa's voice carried a hint of urgency and desperation. Shirley was her granddaughter and Melissa could watch as anything bad happened to her.

She was even more angrier at Leila because if it weren't for her, they wouldn't have been in such a messy situation.

Melissa snapped, failing to control her temper at the thought of how she had trusted Leila and yet she was the one who allowed for this kidnapping to happen.

Leila, however, instead of cowering, arrogantly rolled her eyes at Melissa. 'If I knew that, would I be so anxious?' Leila complained in her mind.

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