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   Chapter 1374 Jim Was Arrested

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Rummaging through her purse, Leila took out a bank card and handed it to the woman. "The password is 123456," she said in a low voice while eyeing the woman. Looking over her shoulders, she glanced around to make sure that no one had seen her.

Then she turned around and looked at Jim coldly with eyes full of disgust. Finishing off her business with the woman, she pushed open the door and walked out without looking back, leaving the woman there to deal with Jim.

Feeling impatient and anxious, Leila stood silently in a corner near the gate of the Aegean Hotel.

There was a flicker of panic in her eyes and she found it hard to stay calm like she was being covered by dark clouds.

In the back of her mind, she even began to fancy things and was afraid that Jim would suddenly wake up at that moment and catch her in the act.

She was so nervous that her right hand trembled slightly. Thus, to keep herself composed, she rubbed her index finger with her middle finger. Deep in her heart, her feelings were mixed.

Fortunately, it didn't take a long time for the woman she talked with earlier to come out of the hotel. When she saw Leila, she nodded slightly towards her. They didn't talk, but only glanced at each other for a few seconds, and seemed to have understood each other by just exchanging glances. With that, the woman walked away with graceful steps.

With the woman gone, a smile appeared on Leila's lips. Finally, she was relieved as if a thorn had been plucked out of her heart.

From the way things turned out, she understood that she didn't have to use the most extreme way and means to deal with people like Jim. She knew perfectly well that hitting the needle would give him a heavy blow. When she thought about this, coldness flashed in her eyes.

Moments later, Leila didn't hasten to leave. She patiently waited and after staying in the corner a while longer, she took out her cell phone and called someone.

Ending the call, she remained where she was standing, merged into the endless darkness, unseen and unnoticed, her eyes lingering around.

About ten minutes later, when Leila's legs were about to go numb, she heard the police car screaming. The light above the police car flashed and lit up the nearby area. It seemed that nothing in darkness could be hidden any more amidst the blaring lights.

Soon, Jim, who was disheveled on his feet, staggered out under the escort of several policemen.

In the far corner, Leila observed them

ful." Showing that she was not bothered at all, Cassie snorted with a shrug.

Yet from the way it sounded, Cora was still scared. She couldn't imagine what she would do if she would be put in the same scenario. "Cassie, if Shawn won't let you go, what are you going to do?" she asked worriedly.

"I couldn't figure out a good idea. But anyway, I have already reported it to the police. I hope they can find some clues," Cassie answered with a sigh.

The words she just heard did not relieve Cora. She knew that people like Shawn wouldn't leave any evidence to others, so he must have already bribed the police.

Worried for Cassie's safety, Cora decided to tell this to her brother. Maybe he could find a way to help her.

At noon, Cora and Cassie went to the hospital canteen together when they saw a woman standing near them with her eyes fixed on Cassie. The way she looked at her was so creepy as if she was watching every move she was making.

"Is she your friend?" Cora asked curiously, nudging Cassie by the side to look at the woman. She thought all the while that Cassie seemed to know this woman.

"Oh yes, she is Gamora, my classmate in the university," Cassie whispered in Cora's ear.

"Gamora!" Hearing the name, Cora shouted in surprise but immediately covered her mouth with her hand realizing how loud she was.

Glaring at her with eyes that warned her to be quiet, Cassie nodded and said, "You go to the canteen first. I'll talk to her."

Though hesitant, Cora agreed even if she was a little worried about her. "Be careful!" she reminded.

Teasing her, Cassie said with a smile, "Don't worry. I won't go out with her."

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