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   Chapter 1373 Paid The Price

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Just when Leila was about to delete all of the nude photos, one of them caught her eye. It was blurry and dark, not the most eye-catching of them all, but it sparked her interest nevertheless.

It seemed like this photo was taken in a remote suburb. There were a lot of greenery and open spaces and in the middle was a small house. Next to the house was a huge chimney.

Even though Leila couldn't see what was going on inside the house, her heartbeat quickened.

Jim wouldn't take such a photo for no reason. Leila knew him well and knew that he did everything for a reason. The only explanation that she could think of was that the house was an important place for him and that he might have hidden something inside.

Leila zoomed in on the picture and studied it carefully, eager to find some clues

because she had a strong feeling that Jim was hiding Shirley somewhere inside the house.

Leila swiped up, looking through the photo gallery for more. She hoped that there would be more photos and clues that would help her find Shirley, but sadly, there weren't.

She sent the photo she found to her WeChat and then saved it onto her phone, intending to study it more at home. She wanted to be the one to find Shirley before Charles found her.

Leila breathed a sigh of relief after she deleted all of the photos. She walked over to Jim and ripped the clothes off him. But Jim was too heavy, like a dead fat pig. She was exhausted and out of breath when she was done, sweat beads dripping from her forehead.

Panting, she took out her phone and turned on the camera app and flashlight and started taking photos of Jim, naked and still.

"Ugh, there is really nothing to look at. No muscles at all. This body is so gross," she exclaimed as she took photos, even dragging him by his ear.

"You deserve this!

rkness, found it strange, but given the fact that Leila didn't give her an opportunity to ask, she followed her inside the room.

Leila closed the door and turned to the woman, stretching out her hand as if asking for something. The antidote.

The moment the woman pulled out the antidote from her bag, Leila grabbed it and dropped the liquid into a cup of water. At that moment, the hotel's power returned and momentarily blinded her and the woman. Once her eyes readjusted, she ran into the bathroom and knelt beside Jim's body, grabbing his face and forcing the antidote down his throat, praying that Jim got cured from the poison.

She didn't want to pay the price for his death.

When Jim had drunk the whole thing, Leila stood and took a few steps back, allowing the woman in black to do her job.

The woman took out another bag of white powder from her pocket and a syringe from her handbag. Bending a bit, she injected the powder into Jim's body.

While this was happening, Leila was recording the scene with her phone, making sure to focus on Jim and not the woman in black.

The whole process didn't take long. Just a few minutes later, the woman put the syringe back in her handbag and stood up.

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