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   Chapter 1371 A Trick

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Leila put much thought into it. After weighing up all of the options, she concluded that she had to bite the bullet and make a final choice. Mustering up all of her courage, she decided that she must kill Jim! Having Jim alive was like a ticking time bomb ready to go off at any time.

The moment Leila had made the decision, she immediately began to put the plan into action. She had to be meticulous. First, she bought a new phone card and then she made a call to an old friend who could supply her with the things that she needed. She planned to overdose Jim with drugs after she rendered him unconscious first.

Leila checked in at the Aegean Hotel

two hours before Jim was supposed to arrive. She sent him the room number via message and told him to be there at eight o'clock.

She went around to familiarize herself with the surroundings and prepare everything before Jim came. A sinister smile was at the corners of her mouth. 'Jim, you only have yourself to blame for this. You pissed me off, so now you are going to pay for it, ' thought Leila.

The room was designed for couples. The light was dim and sexy, and Leila was satisfied with the environment because it would aid in her plan. This sort of erotic atmosphere would lessen Jim's intuition to the danger that he was walking into.

She hid the electric baton, pepper sprayer and drugs in the nightstand. They were all wrapped in paper lest Jim should find them.

When she was satisfied that everything was in position, she walked into the bathroom and got changed into a sexy silk dress. The lingerie accentuated her body perfectly. Dressed like that, she looked even more alluring under the dim light.

Leila g

of every second. She worked quickly taking out the electric baton and pepper spray in the darkness and hid them within her reach under the pillows. There were nervous sweat beads on her forehead, and her heart was in her mouth. She had to do all this while paying attention to the bathroom lest Jim walked in and saw her tricks.

After hiding these two things, Leila poured a glass of red wine and spiked it with some drugs. After swirling it around to dissolve the drugs, she placed the glass on the nightstand beside the bed.

Now she lay on the bed, calming herself down while waiting for Jim.

Several minutes later, Jim came out singing happily. He reminded her of a big clumsy but pretentious bear. Looking at him, Leila almost burst out laughing but she managed to control herself.

Jim gazed at Leila, lying on the soft bed. She looked very seductive and provocative. Her dress was up, exposing her milky white skin and the view aroused more desire in him.

"Leila, I'm ready!" Jim shouted and rushed toward her.

Leila had been ready for that. As he dived for her, she got out of the way and avoided him.

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