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   Chapter 1370 The Hidden Problem

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Leila was so moved by Charles' concern for her. Meanwhile, she felt guilty. On the other hand, he regarded his daughter as the apple of his eye, but she had put Shirley in danger. On the other hand, Jim had raped her, and she thought it was a kind of betrayal of Charles

It made her hate Jim more.

"Charles, I'm fine. Thank you!" Leila said sweetly, batting her eyes at him in appreciation. Charles, however, was already sick of her affections.

"Good. You should take some rest now. You got bags under your eyes." Leila wanted to slap herself. She knew she should have spent more time on her makeup that morning.

"Ah, really? I never noticed," she said, trying to laugh it off.

"Anyway, you're looking a little tired, too. You should pay more attention to your health first. Shirley wouldn't want you like this."

Charles' face darkened after he heard her say that. Leila, noticing the sudden change in his demeanor, felt distressed.

Charles merely nodded, but disregarded the comment anyway. He grabbed a quick bite before leaving for work. Leila's heart hurt for him.

Charles' concern for her made her feel guilty. He was very upset because of Shirley's disappearance. This only made Leila's hatred for Jim worsen.

'I should kill that bastard!' Leila thought angrily before suddenly figuring out a new idea.

It was a long shot, but it could be the only way. She tried to calm herself down, but only felt her anxiety rushing in quickly. She took a few deep breaths before she fished out her phone from her pocket and looked for Jim's phone number, the same one he had called her the day before.

Her palms were sweating as she waited for Jim to answer the phone. Each ring that went unanswered sent a shiver down her spine as her heart beat faster. The run-down, dirty cabin room was never lost in her thoughts. She could feel her stomach churn from her anxiety.


this time around.

She walked along the street, pondering on what else to get, before she thought about getting poison as well, just in case. The poison was odorless, tasteless and water-soluble that would be hard to detect.

'I hope I'll never have to use it. If I get caught, I'm dead.' Leila was anxious. She knew how dangerous it was to use poison. She thought about how she could get herself out of the case if she ended up poisoning him.

Being thrown into prison wasn't new to her. She now knew that she had to be more careful or else she would get caught again.

Killing Jim, however, was more important to her than avoiding more prison time. He deserved to die. The world had no place for men like him.

She lost sleep every night. The moment her eyes shut, she could immediately feel Jim's hands and body on her. It choked her up until she was forced to open her eyes again out of fear. It made her restless, and she tossed and turned every night.

She knew that Charles was a smart and powerful man. It wouldn't be hard for him to find out that she was the mastermind of the kidnapping, and Jim helped her do it.

Leila then realized that Jim was her hidden problem. She had to get rid of him, fast, before he even began to injure Shirley.

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