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   Chapter 1369 False Impression

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Even though Cassie wanted to have someone who cared about her and to rely on, she knew that Jordan wasn't the right one.

When the thought of Nick entered her mind, she pushed Jordan away at once. Jordan's angular face darkened.

"Jordan, please behave yourself," Cassie said coldly.

Cora freaked out when she heard Cassie. She was becoming anxious that Cassie might push Jordan over the edge with her reckless action and blunt reply. She was also afraid if Jordan got angry at Cassie's constant rejection, he might force Cassie into doing something that she didn't want to do.

Cora knew her brother very well. He was willing to do anything to get what he wanted. For that very persistence, Jordan became the leader in his department at such a young age. He went to great lengths to achieve his goals.

Noticing Jordan's livid face, Cora interrupted at once, "Cassie, it's getting really late. What if the bad guys come back again? Why don't you let my brother drive you home?"

Lowering her head, Cassie didn't say a word. It seemed that she had accepted Cora's suggestion reluctantly.

Jordan's face softened.

"Let's go, Cassie. Let me drive you home," he said. Then he turned around and began to walk to his car without saying anything else.

"Let's go," Cora urged, sighing with relief. Holding Cassie's arm, she led her to catch up with Jordan.

After a while, they reached the gate of Cassie's residence.

Jordan slowly pulled over and looked at the sky through the car window. It was past midnight already, and the neighborhood was tranquil.

"Thank you," Cassie said quietly. Then she opened the car door and was about to get out of the car.

"Wait!" Jordan shouted all of a sudden.

Cassie was surprised when she heard Jordan. Before she could say anything, he already got out of the car and held the car door for her. "It's really late. Let me walk you to your house."

Cora was surprised at Jordan's consideration and gesture. She had never seen Jordan so thoughtful before. The way he treated Cassie was even better than the way he treated her.

Cassie felt a little uncomfortable about Jordan's suggestion, and she was about to turn him down. However, seeing Jordan's determined eyes, she knew that he wouldn't let her go so easily, so she finally agreed. "Thank you for your consideration."

After reminding Cora not to go anywhere, J

which put her into jail.

Leila had been sweating and couldn't sleep well all night. When she awoke from her sleep in a cold sweat, she felt like she had been to hell and back.

When Charles came downstairs, he noticed that Leila looked terrible as if something horrible had happened to her. Her face was ashen, and she had a bewildered look on her face.

He knew exactly what had been bothering her because Charles was aware that Leila had been forced to have sex with Jim. Even with the best psychologists' help, no one could put something like that behind them after one night. However, Charles didn't feel sorry for Leila at all. She had made her own bed, and now she had to lie in it. What Leila had done was so evil that she had to be punished in the end. Even this punishment wasn't anywhere near enough.

Pretending to care about her, he asked, "Leila, what's wrong? Did you get into any trouble? If you did, just tell me. I'll do my best to help you."

He stared at her so intensely that he gave Leila a false impression that he was looking at her passionately.

Sheryl had warned him before that he could never look at another woman with his passionate eyes, or she would be furious at him.

However, in this particular case, Charles did just that, deliberately. He wanted to build Leila's hopes up and mislead her, so, later on, it would be much more painful for her when she learned the truth.

It wasn't the decent thing to do, but he was furious about what Leila had done to them all, and he didn't care about the repercussions that Leila would suffer later.

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