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   Chapter 1366 Sidewalk Snack Booth

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It sounded like a true cliche. Charles, like any other man, wanted to spend every waking day with the woman he loved. That was why, whenever Sheryl felt upset, Charles would feel even worse. Why on earth would Sheryl ever think that Charles didn't love her?

Sheryl just told Charles how much she hated him. She told him that she didn't want to be with him any longer. It pierced through him like a knife. He felt like he couldn't breathe.

What Sheryl told him made Charles' face pale. It hurt him so much inside. He could not only feel her pain, but he could also feel his own from being pushed away so much.

He knew that what he did in the past two days had hurt Sheryl immensely, but she had to know that he didn't mean to do that. He merely did what he had to do to protect Shirley. However, he acknowledged that what was done was done, and there was nothing he could do to change what he did.

Charles carefully caressed Sheryl's cheek. "Sher, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I know it's been a tough few days for you, but you know that I only did that to save Shirley. Why would you ever think that I didn't love you? I made a vow to you. I love you and I always will; nothing will ever change that. Please, could you find it in your heart to forgive me?" Charles pleaded, kissing Sheryl's forehead.

He knew that she was asleep and wouldn't be able to hear him anyway, but it was the only time he could apologize to her without her pushing him away. He hoped that Sheryl would hear his apology and accept it.

Charles was exhausted from working the entire day, drifting off to sleep fairly quickly. He moved further away from Sheryl, respecting her space just in case she didn't want to wake up and see that he was touching her.

A few hours later, Sheryl woke up in the middle of the night. She stirred, her arm grazing against Charles'.

She opened her eyes to see Charles' face. His face was relaxed but he looked incredibly tired and worn out. His thick eyebrows, stern expression, and masculine jawline made her heart flutter. He still looked just as attractive and charming to her. She stared at his face. He looked tired, but he was still charming and attractive to her. As her eyes trailed down his face towards his lips, she suddenly remembered how heartless and unfa

picture. What if it was just all in her head?

As Cassie pondered more on Cora's observations, she barely missed her phone ring.

When she peered at the screen, she saw that Jordan was calling her.

Cassie hesitated in her seat. Cora leaned forward to check what was on Cassie's phone, smirking when she saw the name on the screen. "See? My brother's better for you. He always has time for you. Can't you see that? He's even more concerned for you than he is for me! And I'm his sister!"

Cora laughed, while Cassie rolled her eyes and answered the phone, though she was not having anything to really say to him.

"Cassie. I just went to the hospital. They told me you got off work early. Where are you?" Jordan asked kindly, voice low and husky. Cassie was trying to swat Cora who was busy giggling and stifling her laughter.

A few seconds later, Cora waved at Cassie, signaling her.

Cora didn't want her brother to know that she was out drinking. Cassie nodded and tried to come up with something to say.

"Jordan, I'm at home right now. What's up?" Cassie asked, wondering about the unexpected call.

"Oh, I see. Can I see you now? I've got a present for you," Jordan replied.

"What? A present? Jordan, that's so kind of you. But it's too late in the evening, don't you think? I'm a little tired after working all day," Cassie lied.

"That's all right. It won't take long, I promise! I happen to be nearby. I'll be there in twenty minutes! See you later," Jordan answered, about to hang up the phone.

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