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   Chapter 1365 Nancy's Resentment

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Without thinking about it too much, Cora turned a blind eye to Cassie's swollen eyes. Grabbing her waist, she beamed and suggested, "Come on, let's have dinner together! It's on me."

"Dinner?" Cassie murmured, looking confused. A silhouette flashed in the back of her mind. Suddenly, it made her hesitate and she tried to analyze Cora's intentions. Pulling herself back to her senses, she wondered, "Why do you want to buy me dinner so suddenly?"

Understanding Cassie's thought, Cora couldn't help but laugh at her inwardly. 'Ha, look how anxious she is. She must be worried that it was Jordan's idea to invite her to dinner.'

"Take it easy! My brother won't be there. It'll just be you and me," Cora explained, keeping up her beaming smile.

With that, Cassie could sigh in relief. Though she wasn't very fond of Jordan, she had trouble refusing his hospitality toward her. Her impression of him wasn't very nice—his gaze struck her as rather aggressive. When Cassie was under his stare, she could never feel comfortable. As a woman, the way he looked at her felt threatening.

Assured that he wouldn't be at dinner, Cassie gladly went along with her friend's invitation.

"Okay, let's do that. Where should we eat?" she asked with a pleased smile.

"How about that old restaurant we used to go to? It's not the finest in the area but we are always satisfied after eating there, aren't we?" Cora suggested.

"Sounds good. We can go there after work," Cassie agreed with a nod.

At the hospital, when her shift was over, Cassie headed straight to the changing room to get ready to meet Cora. Before she got the chance to pull out her phone and dial Cora's number, someone called her.

Thinking it was Cora calling her, the name she saw on the screen was quite a surprise. "Gamora?"

"Cassie, where are you?" Gamora's voice sounded rather urgent.

"I'm at the hospital. Just got off work. What's wrong?" Cassie asked with a frown.

It had been the second time she received such a sudden call. Remembering what had happened back then at Seven Nights, she had to be alert. Since then, she pegged Gamora as someone not as simple as she once thought. It was better to keep someone like her at a distance.

"Cassie, you should be more careful these days. Remember to go home as soon as you get off work. Don't go hanging out until late," Gamora warned after a pause.

Clueless, Cassie had no idea where this was coming from. Before she could ask about it, Gamora hung up without saying goodbye.

"Gamora? Are you still there?" she talked louder into the phone, gripping the phone tighter—there was only silence.

"What's wrong, Cassie? W

self and listen to Sheryl's every word.

Coming back to his senses, he put a gentle hand on Sheryl's forehead, smoothening her frown, hoping to alleviate the distress in her heart.

In agony, Charles prayed inwardly, 'God, please, help her…and help me!'

Perhaps his prayer was heard because soon after, Sheryl began mumbling something in her sleep. "Shirley…my Shirley…Give her back!" she groaned, eyes still closed. It sounded like she was dealing with some kind of nightmare, with words from her heart beginning to spill out.

Tears began rolling down her cheeks, staining the pillow she rested her head against.

As she cried, Charles could see her opening up her heart to him. Every word fell on him like a heavy weight on his shoulders.

"Why... Why is Charles so indifferent? I hate him! I'm so hurt! I can't stand to stay with him anymore!" she began yelling out, leaving Charles stunned in disbelief.

His heartbeat quickened almost chaotically. Feeling at a loss for what to do, he took her hand and held it tight—he couldn't lose her. After a moment, he snapped back into his senses and began reflecting on himself.

Sheryl's words made a strong feeling of desperation in his surface. Regret overcame him for being too late to realize Sheryl's despair, and his eyes turned glassy.

Charles couldn't help but reproach himself in his heart. 'Sher, no one could ever take your place in my heart! I can't deny I've been trying to be indifferent toward you, but I truly regret it. It doesn't mean that I don't love you. I've always held you dearest and above anything in my heart! Even as the seas run dry and the stones decay, my love for you will never change...' so eager to convey how much he loved her, he almost lost all control and cried out loud.

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