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   Chapter 1364 I'm Not Sick

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At the Dream Garden

In a trance, Leila returned to Dream Garden weakly. Her mind was chaotic, and she felt drained as if she was from a nightmare. A good rest was what she craved right now, not wanting to recall the incident today. Fatigue consumed her and she didn't even notice Melissa's presence.

"Oh, you're here! Why did you come back so late? Wait, are you sick? You look pale." Melissa stopped Leila as she passed by her bedroom.

"Aunt Melissa, I'm a little tired. I will be fine after sleeping for a while," she answered softly. Leila was taken aback by Melissa's appearance while walking forward in a daze. Sleep was the only thing she thought to forget all of the mess earlier.

Looking at her ashen face and lifeless expression, Melissa didn't believe that there was nothing wrong with Leila. Thinking about that Sheryl who had a cold in these days, she guessed Sheryl infected Leila.

"Leila, are you sure you are okay? You are going to collapse at this rate," she asked worriedly and walked closer to Leila.

Leila was afraid that Melissa would find out her secret because of too many questions. Her ashen face became even paler as Melissa moved closer towards her. Her sensitive nerves quivered, as she recalled what happened to her today. The incident became fresh to her again, which made her anxiety worse.

"No. I'm not sick!" Leila suddenly shouted. After a short moment, she realized that it was Melissa who was standing before her. She then lowered her voice, trying to calm down as soon as possible.

Melissa was shocked. However, she didn't get mad. It made her convinced that something unpleasant happened to Leila, so she tried to comfort her.

"Aunt Melissa, I'm okay. I didn't sleep well last night and I walked a little long today, so I'm a little tired. Don't worry." Leila squeezed a fatigue smile to confirm her words.

Melissa was still a little worried. She wanted to ask more, but was interrupted by Leila. "Aunt Melissa, I want to have rest. You don't have to worry about me."

With that, Leila walked into her room. Melissa's mind was full of doubts and curiosity, but seeing Leila walk to her room, she had no choice but to go bac

d she was re-reading it. It was a long time since they had met each other. Since then, Nick seemed to have disappeared from the world with every excuse.

At the thought of Nick's recent action, Cassie was in a bad mood. It wasn't easy for her to fall in love with a man, but here she was, waiting for him idiotically. She didn't know why he was so indifferent to her recently while before, they had got well with each other.

Staring at the message on the screen, Cassie felt wronged. Tears streamed down her face.

"Hi, Cassie! I was wondering where you were just now..." While Cassie was sobbing, Cora's jovial voice rang out behind her.

Being surprised, Cassie immediately wiped her tears off before turning around to see Cora.

Even though Cassie had wiped her tears, her face showed proof of her grievances, making Cora look at her in shock. Her friend walked over and asked with concern, "Are you crying? Why?"

A best friend was Cora's treatment for Cassie already. If possible, she would love Cassie to be her sister-in-law. That would be the best thing that could happen for the both of them. However, from the attitude Cassie towards her elder brother, she could tell that there was still a long way to go for her brother to marry Cassie.

Cassie squeezed a smile and answered reluctantly, "Nothing happened. The sand got into my eyes, and I felt pain, so I rubbed them. It was so painful that I was crying earlier, but I'm fine now."

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