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   Chapter 1363 Growing Hatred

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"What do you mean I didn't keep my word? Leila, how can you say that to me? Everyone loves money. One can never have too much money, right? It is a great opportunity for me to get rich. Only the dumbest fool in the world would pass up on the opportunity!" Jim said to Leila, intimidating her with his larger frame.

Leila felt small against his frightening and scrutinizing gaze. His gaze held a mixture of greed and heavy desire; Leila could feel incredibly vulnerable and naked.

Leila was beginning to feel uneasy. She tried to take a step back away from him, but Jim was faster.

He grabbed her wrist quickly, tightening his hold until it started to hurt Leila. She tried to shake her wrist away but his grip was too tight. Jim kept his eyes on her, frightening Leila even more.

He yanked Leila closer to him, keeping her body against his. He held her waist tight, locking her there with a predatory smirk on his lips.

Leila was beginning to realize what Jim was planning to do to her. She tried to push back more forcefully, but she couldn't move from his strong arms. Jim had practically pinned her on the spot.

Seeing Leila try to resist him was both enticing and annoying. She was really making it work for him. He slapped Leila across the face, the young woman moaning in pain. He threw her on the bed when she stopped moving to ease the pain.

It wasn't long before Leila's screams got louder and desperate. The room was filled with noise of clothes being torn and skin slapping against skin. Jim had begun to torture the young, helpless woman, who continued to scream until her voice weakened. A few minutes later, Leila was knocked unconscious; unsure if it was from the pain Jim inflicted, or her body failing to survive the torture.

Once Jim was finished, he pushed Leila aside before standing up. He fished out his phone from his pants, opening the camera to take several nude photos of the unconscious woman.

A few hours later, Leila started to regain consciousness. Her vision was blurry and she felt lightheaded from the fresh, stinging pain. She could see Jim watching her from the lounge chair near the bed. Leila gathered all her strength to get up, but at her current state, her body simply rolled on the floor. She staggered to get on her knees to lean on the wall, while Jim chuckled to himself as he kept watching her.

"Where do you think you're going, Leila? I'm not yet done with you. In fact, I have something to show you. You should take a look," he said in a low voice. He got up a

on her when she least expected it. She would make sure that she would pay a thousand times worse than what Sheryl did to her.

Leila took today as the beginning of her hatred, not as a lesson for her previous mistakes. She was going to make sure that Sheryl would pay. She swore by it.

Leila stayed in the small little cabin for a while longer until her tears had dried up. She staggered towards the bathroom to wash herself, the cold water hitting harshly against her bruised skin.

There wasn't any soap for her to wash her body with, so she scrubbed as hard as she could with only water. She kept scrubbing to clean away the taint that Jim left, but even as her skin reddened and bursted with newer wounds, she still felt dirty.

All she knew was that she had to clean her body. She had to remove as much of Jim as she could.

"I'm so dirty," Leila mumbled to herself as she cleaned. Her tears mixed with her bath water as she scrubbed her hands against her legs and stomach.

It took longer than expected for Leila to calm back down. She returned to the bedroom, picking up her tattered clothes from the floor. As she dressed, she grazed her fingers against the tears and holes in her clothes, willing herself to leave this hell hole.

As she reached the door to leave, she turned around to look at the room for the last time. She wanted to remember what this room of torture and suffering looked like.

It was Leila's duty to never forget this day. Her hatred had grown strong enough that she could drive herself forward to make Sheryl pay. "My sacrifice shall not be in vain," Leila thought to herself, swearing her life to the promise to hold Sheryl accountable.

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