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   Chapter 1362 Break The Plan

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As Charles fixed his gaze on her, Leila felt as if she were sitting on thorns. With the atmosphere as cold as death, she lost her appetite, and abruptly stood up to leave the dining hall. She kept walking until she found a secluded corner before pulling out her phone and answering Jim.

"Where the hell have you been? Why haven't you been answering my calls? Are you out of your mind?" she half-whispered, half-shouted furiously.

"Please calm down! Put your heart back in your chest, won't you? I'm not going anywhere. Just take it easy," he replied all too casually as if he was playing with some naughty kitten. The tone made Leila so insecure, and her instincts told her something was wrong.

"Okay, I'm serious! Where is Shirley? You need to bring her back to me now! Charles has his eye on me. Things will get too complicated if he figures anything out. You'd better do exactly what I tell you to do!" Leila blurted out in one angry, restless breath.

Meanwhile, all Jim could think about as she rambled was how much he despised her—all he could do was wonder how much of an idiot she could be. Things had already gone so far, but she still had no idea what would happen. Never would Jim loosen the falcon until he saw the hare. Only when he got what he wanted would he bring Shirley back. Now that he had bet his happy and free life on her, Shirley was his ready source of money.

Even though Leila was too stupid to get a clue, he didn't give a damn what Charles would do to her. The only thing on his mind was the ransom of 10 million. With that money in his account, he could get any woman he wanted, and Leila was a complete history to him at this point.

But, on the flip side, he thought not to waste such a perfect chance. He couldn't deny that he longed for Leila for quite a long time, and thinking of her delicate skin and pretty face made his blood go rushing.

"Since you care so much about that little girl, why don't you come over and take a look at her yourself? I'll text you my location. We can talk about this when you're here. I'll be waiting for you," he said, absentmindedly rubbing his chin with a vicious smile.

If he was standing in front of a mirror, he would see himself looking like a starved wolf.

His eyes were furious and deadly sharp, aiming at his target with greed and malice.

If Leila was around, she'd be scared to death by the expression he wore. Jim thought about how she would look as she hurled herself obliviously into the trap he set.

So eager to see how Shirley was doing, Leila let her guard down, thinking nothing of Jim's invitation.

"Okay, give me your location. I'll be there as soon as possible," she said in a haste.

"You need t

mind, she tried to rationalize the situation, thinking that it would be ridiculous of him to do something to her in such a place. Collecting her thoughts, she dispelled the fear hanging over her head since she stepped out of the taxi. Then, she turned to Jim with a fierce look, though still faint at heart.

"Didn't we already reach an agreement? The plan was to take her away and let her go once I called you. What's going on? Are you going to break your word? Are you turning against our plan? Tell me!" she demanded.

Although she managed to raise her voice quite a good amount, she was scared to death inside, scared that Jim had turned the situation into a real kidnapping.

Meanwhile, right outside the door, the man who followed her under Charles' command had just heard every word she said.

The walls were practically paper-thin, and the door could be broken open in a single push. It wasn't hard for the man to hear her frantic voice from outside.

The news was quite a shock, and he reported it to Charles without delay. Back at the house, Charles was so pissed that he was grabbing at his hair, wishing he could take Leila by the throat right at that moment.

Knowing that they dared put their hands on his daughter, he would do everything in his power to make them wish they were dead. A cold smile surfaced on his expression.

"I got it. Keep them in your sight and call me when you find out where they're hiding Shirley," Charles said into the headset. Hearing Charles' instructions, the man kept dead still and leaned his ear against the wall to hear more clearly.

Inside the shabby house, Jim suddenly broke into laughter as if he heard the biggest joke in his life.

Gazing at the woman playfully, he smiled even wider as he realized how truly naive and stupid she was.

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