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   Chapter 1361 Concern

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Sweat ran down Leila's face as she trembled uncontrollably. This kidnapping was too out of her control. She had never expected Jim Liu to betray her. So much had changed in just two days.

Jim Liu! What an asshole! Leila regretted ever having trusted him from the beginning. He only cared about money, and she should have known it. If Charles found out the truth, she would be so screwed. It would be the end for her.

She nervously gripped the edge of the dresser with a shaking hand. She was so paranoid that she even broke a fingernail when she clutched the cabinet's wood.

Her face was drained of color, but she managed to take out her phone and call Jim Liu. She needed to know where he was now.

The other line rang continuously, but no one answered. Leila dialed nonstop until her phone ran out of battery, but Jim Liu never answered the calls. All she had heard was the busy tone, which drove her mad. Her shaking hand couldn't hold the phone anymore and out of anger, she threw the device and watched its screen crack.

After that, Leila simply sat in the bedroom for a long time, her brain muddled. She felt like she was trapped in a noisy wet market right now where people were busy. It was noisy and chaotic, and she stood alone in the middle of it all with nowhere to hide.

Her mind almost blew up thinking about all of the possible consequences. Suddenly, she recalled the days she had spent in prison. Ever since she was released, she had never looked back on that memory, until now. Perhaps it was too painful for her, or she was too ashamed of that time.

However, the past seemed to have come back. She felt like she was in that dark and dirty cell again. She thought about her life there filled with endless errands, fights every day, and when her sleep was disturbed by the guardian's flashlight from time to

ile, she went downstairs and sat down at the dining room. She noticed that Sheryl didn't come downstairs to have breakfast. She was still sick and asleep in her room, which brought Leila a bit of comfort.

Silence hung in the air while everyone ate. Shirley's disappearance was like a dark cloud that floated around, and made the house devoid of joy and laughter. Nothing was heard except for the clang of utensils during meals.

Suddenly, a loud ringtone broke the silence. Leila didn't realize that it was her phone until everyone's eyes were on her. She quickly took the phone out.

The unknown number on the screen confused her. She thought that it was a prank call, so she hung up. But it kept ringing, so she had no choice but to answer the phone in front of everyone.

"Honey, what took you so long?" Leila was startled when she heard the voice from the other end of the line, and she almost dropped the phone in shock.

It was Jim Liu, who had kidnapped Shirley!

"Why are you so quiet? Honey…" Jim Liu kept talking on the phone, but Leila's brain was blank and she had no idea what he was babbling about, until she noticed Charles gaze on her. Charles wondered why Leila was suddenly acting so strange.

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