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   Chapter 1359 Things Went Smoothly

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Then Ricky received a phone call from Nancy. He didn't dare delay for a second and rushed to Dream Garden immediately.

"Doctor, please come up to see what has happened to Mrs. Lu. She's a high fever, and now she's in a coma." When Nancy saw the family doctor, she didn't want to waste time on small talk and directed him to Sheryl's bedroom immediately.

When Leila and Melissa heard what Nancy said, they smiled at each other with a secret understanding. Then they rushed into Sheryl's bedroom together. However, they didn't care about how Sheryl was. Instead, they took pleasure in Sheryl's misfortune.

After a careful diagnosis, Ricky explained that Sheryl's illness had worsened due to a virus caused by the flu, and in combination with excessive stress, she had fallen into a coma. He thought that her symptoms were serious enough and made the prompt decision to give her an intravenous injection.

The doctor didn't expect that Sheryl would take a turn for the worse and become so ill. Before he came to Dream Garden, he assumed that she just had a common cold. However, when Charles sounded so urgent over the phone, he brought drugs, injection medicines, and apparatus with him. It turned out that those all helped.

"Nancy, didn't she have a good rest these days because of worry?"

"No, she didn't. Sher has been so stressed these days. She couldn't eat or sleep. I tried to persuade her, but I failed," Nancy replied as she wiped her tears away.

Nancy's words had reminded the doctor about the latest news of the Lu family's kidnapped daughter, and he immediately understood why Sheryl had become so ill.

"It doesn't help. Her illness is very serious. Mrs. Lu needs plenty of rest, and she must cooperate with me if she wants to recover soon. You need to figure out more ways to persuade her."

Nancy kept nodding her head.

When the cold liquid medicine entered intravenously into Sheryl's body, she woke up immediately. When she opened her eyes, she found her room was full of people. When she looked around unconsciously, she felt disappointed when she didn't see Charles there.

Sheryl felt her stomach twist. She smiled bitterly and shook her head. She felt fool

already a mess. She didn't help by letting herself go and even made matters worse. I don't have the time for her. I don't care, and she can do whatever she wants! It's none of my business!" Charles pretended to sound angry.

Sheryl could hear some of what Charles was saying through the phone. Even the little bit that she did hear was unbearable. It was like someone had twisted a knife into her heart.

Out of the corner of her eye, Leila saw Sheryl's face become even more ashen and she turn her head to the other side in anger. Leila felt content, and her heart was filled with great satisfaction.

"Charles, don't blame Sheryl. It's not all her fault. After all, she feels sad that Shirley is missing. Don't worry though. I'll make sure she gets plenty of rest to regain her health." Leila spoke while strutting around like a proud peacock, showing a goodwill gesture to Charles using all her effort.

Charles sneered because Leila's thoughts had been exposed in front of him. There might be more. However, he knew that everything would come out soon.

"You're better than Sheryl. Let's talk about something else." Charles' compliment gave Leila a wide smile. She looked extremely pleased.

Charles paused for a moment and continued, "But I'm so worried about Shirley. If something bad happened to her, I don't think I would be able to take it. My only worry is to find Shirley." The sadness in Charles' tone made Leila feel against her conscience.

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