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   Chapter 1358 Charles' Cold Attitude

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Reminiscing the memories she had when Sheryl was a little kid, she always admired other kids who were cradled and caressed by their mothers. Even though she was too young to understand many things, she knew that those kids were lucky to be so loved and protected. In her desire not to trigger self-pity, she would pretend as if she didn't care. While, in fact, deep inside her, she would always hide in a corner and stare at pictures of mothers and kids from books and magazines, and envied them. Sometimes when she saw them in public, she even wanted to get close to them and steal a little bit of love from these kids.

All her life while growing up she had several questions in mind like, why did her mother dislike her and abandon her? Was it because she was not good enough? She couldn't help thinking about it. However, as time healed everything, she learned to embrace the truth and just move on with her life leaving those questions unanswered.

Now, reminiscing all these memories, she remembered how she wanted to be loved and protected like other kids! How she wanted her mother to return to her! Thus, she worked hard and tried to achieve everything perfectly on her own since she was young, hoping to bring her mother back.

However, when she grew up a little bit, she realized that no matter what she would do, her mother would never take notice of her. Though that fact was frustrating, she learned to accept it gradually, like she always did while growing up. To beat the loneliness and envy, she just comforted herself by being grateful to her grandma who loved her more than anything, which was enough for her. As time went by, she abandoned the idea of winning her mother's love and lived happily with her grandma. During those times, she felt quite contented even without her mother.

However, from that moment on, she had made a decision, a promise to herself that, if she would have kids in the future, she would give them all the love she had and even protect them with her own life, to make up for her loss during her childhood. She didn't want her kids to suffer the same fate she had endured, for she knew how painful and desolate it felt to be abandoned by your own parents.

However, to her despair, by the way things turned out now, it appeared that she couldn't even protect her babies! Worst was, now she had Shirley missing, and she had no idea where she was or whether she was in a good condition or not. Thinking about these, she realized that she wasn't even a qualified mother like her own mother had been. Loads of thoughts were crossing her minds, and Sheryl closed her eyes miserably.

"Sher, get up and take some pills. These will help you relax," Nancy said softly. All of a sudden, she was pulled back to reality by Nancy's words. Sheryl opened her eyes and saw Nancy blowing cold the hot water in the cup while handing her some pills on the other hand. She couldn't help but feel warmed and touched by Nancy's gesture of kin

d. Rummaging through the contact numbers on her phone this time, Nancy called the family doctor and set up an appointment for checking Sheryl up.

When Nancy returned to Sheryl's bedroom, she had fallen asleep in bed. Nancy was so concerned about her, and she used a wet cotton swab to moisten Sheryl's dry lips. Though lying calmly and peacefully, Sheryl still looked ill even at her deep slumber. Her eyebrows were tightly creased and a frown was drawn on her face. Her hands were clutched to fists and her eyelashes trembled from time to time as if she was in a nightmare.

Looking at her, Nancy could tell that Sheryl was indeed suffering a lot. She wanted to open her eyes, but she was too weak to even lift her eyelids. Even though she was conscious and could hear everything around her, she couldn't move a single part of her body nor even lift a finger. Her body was so numb that it felt like something weighing up to a thousand pounds was pressed against her, making it difficult for her to breath. Fatigue, pain, and desolation swept her all over.

In the darkness of the night, though her eyes were shut closed, she heard light footsteps coming from afar. It was getting closer and closer, like the call of Death. She struggled to open her eyes, but she couldn't do so nor even make a sound. Desperation rose in her mind, then finally she decided to give up and accept whatever was to come to her. In her struggle, she lost her consciousness and was swallowed by darkness.

The family doctor arrived about half an hour later. One minute before Nancy called him, he received a call from Charles requesting him to attend to Sheryl immediately.

On the phone, Charles sounded alarmed and worried as he asked him to go to Dream Garden immediately because Sheryl got sick. Charles told him briefly that Sheryl had a fever, and that he must set out as soon as possible. He could tell that Charles was deeply concerned about his wife, for his voice was even trembling.

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