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   Chapter 1354 The Kidnapping

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Noticing that Sheryl was pushing him away harder and was struggling out of his arms, Charles held her tighter to comfort her.

"Sher, Shirley will be fine, so don't worry about it. You shouldn't sulk here by yourself. Listen to me. Take a deep breath to calm down. We can't suspect anyone if we don't have any convincing evidence. I know you worry about Shirley, and I do too. I have already sent my fellows to find her. Trust me, I will press them harder to find more clues."

"Charles, let me go! Shirley is waiting for me. I need to find our daughter. She is my life. What about you? Do you really love her?" Sheryl cried aloud, biting on Charles' arm to free herself. She was on the verge of breaking down. Tears streamed down her cheeks and dropped on his arms. Charles could even feel the heat of each teardrop.

Although he was feeling a sharp pain on his arm, Charles still held Sheryl tightly in his arms. He couldn't imagine what she would do if he let her go. Finding it out might not be the best idea.

Pushing Sheryl's head away with his other hand, Charles continued to persuade her. "Sher, don't be silly. You need to calm down so we can come up with a plan."

Obviously, Sheryl didn't hear what Charles had said. The only thing she wanted to do was rush out of the door to find Shirley.

Despite her complaining eyes, Charles still tried to stop her with all his strength. However, Sheryl's childish behavior finally worn out his patience. Out of impulse, he slapped Sheryl heavily across her face.

The contact made a very clear smacking sound. It was so hard that Sheryl started to question why Charles dared to hurt her. Her eyes were red, full of hatred and pain.

'This is the time I need him the most, but look at what he has done to me! He slapped me for Leila.' It was difficult for Sheryl to believe that Charles would hurt her for another woman. 'The only thing he wants to do is protect Leila. Shirley and I mean nothing to him, ' Sheryl th

"So you don't believe me?" The kidnapper walked towards Shirley and roughly tore off the tape that covered her mouth. Shirley was awakened by the sudden pain. Looking into the stranger's eyes, she was so scared that she could not control her tears.

As Shirley was about to cry out, the kidnapper patted her face and warned her with a serious look, "Don't cry."

The man intimidated Shirley, and she could only hold back her tears as he commanded. Her eyes were now full of tears, like an overflowing lake. She was so afraid and wondered why she was there. "Where is my mom and dad?" she finally blurted between sobs. She missed them so much.

"Is that Shirley? Please don't hurt her! We will give you whatever you want!" Sheryl begged the man loudly when she heard Shirley's voice. Her heart and Charles' both thumped harder with mixed emotions.

"Mr. and Mrs. Lu, I'm sorry I can't show you your daughter, but you can hear her, right? I believe it will dispel your doubts. Now we can discuss what I need.

Come on, say something." The kidnapper moved the phone closer to Shirley's mouth.

Unaware that her parents were listening, Shirley looked at the phone with confusion. She wasn't sure what the kidnapper exactly wanted from her.

"Can't you hear me?" the kidnapper shouted at Shirley impatiently.

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