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   Chapter 1349 Leila's Instigation

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Sheryl was skeptical of Melissa's motivation. She never really adored Clark and Shirley, and never once offered to take care of them. She wondered why Melissa was so warm-hearted all of a sudden.

No matter what, Sheryl decided that she would never take her eyes off her kids. Even if she allowed them to play with Leila, she would watch over them, ready to jump in if the situation called for her protection. With that in mind, she gave Leila a slight nod as consent.

Leila squatted down and smiled at the kids, trying to relax them.

"Clark, Shirley, let's ride the merry-go-round now. Shall we?" Leila's voice was soft enough, almost like a whisper. She offered her hands to the kids.

Clark and Shirley turned to their mother, as if asking if that would be okay. Their twinkling eyes begged her to say yes. They made her heart soft.

"Go ahead, I'll be here in case you need me," Sheryl smiled. She reached out to touch their heads and encourage them.

Clark and Shirley took Leila's hands joyfully and went towards the merry-go-round. Melissa and Sheryl followed a few steps behind and took a seat on a bench nearby.

Leila was very careful when she was with the kids. She lifted them astride the carousel and then sat with them. Soon enough, the installation started, the song "It's a Small World" played. They enjoyed the ride very much, giving loud cackles as the horses floated up and down.

Sheryl took out her phone and recorded the joyful moments of the kids. The footprint of their growth was so precious to her, and she wanted to document as much as possible. She couldn't help smiling while she looked at them from afar.

"Mom! Look at me!" Every time the carousel passed by Sheryl's seat, Shirley would wave to her and scream out cheerfully, full of excitement. Clark, on the other hand, was busy managing his rein, pretending he was on a real horse.

Sheryl also waved back at Clark and Shirley. The lovely interaction was so sweet that she couldn't turn her eyes away from them.

"Leila is so nice to Clark and Shirley. She loves them like they are her own. I'm so happy to see them get along with each other. Don't you think so, Sher

for Charles.

Since Sheryl had gone with the kids, Melissa took the chance to complain to Leila about Sheryl's earlier impoliteness and viciousness.

"Sheryl is becoming nastier every minute. Now she utterly looks down upon me! I'm so mad that I don't even want to look at her hateful face!"

"Aunt Melissa, relax. Such a woman is not worth your attention. We both know that she is vicious. But we have to let it go. Otherwise, she would make mischief between you and Charles again," Leila softly said. She pretended to be comforting Melissa, but a hint of coldness flashed across her eyes. Melissa was too busy to even notice.

When Melissa heard Leila's words, she recalled how Charles had treated her lately. It turned out that Sheryl was behind all of it. She was creating a gap between her and Charles. There was no son in this world who would have humiliated his own mother like that, if he had not been incited by a vicious bitch.

"I promise to expose her hypocrisy one day, and let Charles see her true colors. I will finally drive her away from Dream Garden. She will never get away with it!"

Angrily, Melissa continued voicing out her complaints. Noticing that Sheryl and the kids were now approaching them, Leila lowered her voice and whispered, "Aunt Melissa, I have a perfect idea to drive her away from your home."

Leila's mysterious words made Melissa dramatically excited. "Really? Tell me about it now, Leila!"

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