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   Chapter 1348 Nurturing Relationships

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It was Friday night and the family gathered together to have dinner as usual. Leila took a quick glance at everyone. They were all busy eating.

"Tomorrow is a weekend and there's no school." Leila broke the silence. "Why don't we take Clark and Shirley to the amusement park? The kids study very hard all week. I think it's a perfect time to enjoy."

Melissa had no objections. She always agreed with Leila.

Sheryl also wanted to hang out with her kids but the thought that Leila and Melissa would join them made her feel sick. However, she couldn't think of any other reason to say no. Besides, it was not a big deal. So she also nodded.

Charles wouldn't make himself a wet blanket by refusing the proposal since everyone seemed to like this idea.

"Great! That's it then. We're all going to the amusement park tomorrow!" Leila announced, gazing at Charles lovingly. She felt proud that he agreed to her proposal. But, as usual, he ignored her.

All young and young at heart love amusement parks; Clark and Shirley were no exception. Upon hearing the plan, they jumped and cheered with joy. The unhappiness that the school work had brought them now disappeared and their gloomy hearts cleared up.

"Mom, I'll go to the park wearing my lovely new hat. Don't forget to remind me to bring it tomorrow!" Shirley hadn't stopped capering and clapping since she heard the decision. Now she was busy thinking what she should bring with her tomorrow.

"All right, all right! I promise." Sheryl was amused by her lovely little girl. She patted her hair tenderly and smiled.

"Please wake me up early. I don't want to be late." Shirley put on a wide smile and blinked at her mom, fluttering her long eyelashes, her big eyes filled with expectation.

Clark, who was sitting beside her, also grinned with excitement. 'Great! We can have a wonderful time tomorrow!' he thought.

"Okay! I'll knock on your door to wake you up before the sun rises, lazy piggy." Hearing Sheryl's words, Charles couldn't help laugh out loud. With the woman he loved and his adorable children around him, he felt so blessed.

"I'm not lazy piggy! Clark is!" Shirley yelled

ways. They wiped the sweat off their foreheads and rushed into the park impatiently.

"Aunt Melissa, Sheryl, it's so hot. I'll take care of Clark and Shirley, so you two can take a rest," suggested Leila. "I'll take them to the merry-go-round first. Kids sure like that."

She pulled a handkerchief out of her handbag and patted on her sweating forehead.

Leila believed that she needed to spend more time with the two children, so they would become fond of her and she would win their hearts soon. After all, children are naive and credulous.

Leila put on a wide and warm smile, that nobody noticed the coldness in her eyes.

"I don't see why not," Melissa acknowledged. "Thank you, Leila." Melissa glanced at Sheryl with disdain as she said these words, highlighting the sarcasm in her tone as she continued, "How considerate of you!"

Melissa was delighted to see Leila actively approach the children. She could play with them and get along with no issues. Deep inside, Melissa really liked Leila and she would be very happy if her son, Charles, would marry her. They would form an enviably happy family if the children liked their new mother.

After Charles and Sheryl got divorced, she wouldn't let the latter take the children away, especially Clark, her grandson. Since Leila would become their new mother someday anyway, Melissa believed that she should start nurturing relationships with them as soon as possible.

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