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   Chapter 1345 Every Detail Counted

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 7791

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"You're nuts!"

Freeing herself away from Black, the woman ran away as fast as she could. Though she was already out of breath, she didn't stop until she was at a safe distance away from Black's house. Looking back, she shouted and cursed at the damn house with all her might.

After Black kicked out of the woman, he walked into his bedroom, annoyed and vexed as ever. He lied down on the bed and stared at the ceiling, not sleepy at all.

He kept thinking about what happened today. This morning, he came across Holley and Charles, who were very intimate with each other. Just now, Holley ran away, angry and sad after seeing him on top of another woman.

'Damn it!' Black cursed, punching the pillow beside him. On the back of his mind, Black regretted that he had fallen in love with such a woman.

He thought about the time he spent with her, every twinkle and smile she made. The way she looked at him, her sexy voice, their interactions, and all the little things that drove him crazy at that time. Now all those memories were torturing him. Everything just turned into his saddest reminiscence.

Right at this moment, Black wished he had never met Holley. In that way, he would be much happier with his easy-go-lucky way of life. Commitments, strings and attachment were the reasons why he hated having intimate and long relationships.

As stubborn as he was, Black wasn't an emotional person before he met Holley. He used to be free and had no intention of settling down, not to mention being emotionally influenced by a woman.

Being desolate and caught up in a situation as this while slumped on his bed, Black pitied himself and looked down upon the idea that he was turning into an emotional man.

Meanwhile, Holley didn't get home until midnight.

With everything that happened earlier, she felt exhausted. She tossed and turned in bed but couldn't fall asleep, no matter how hard she forced to close her eyes.

As long as she thought about Black's betrayal, she felt furious and sad. Although an hour passed after that incident, the scene was still vivid in her head.

She was afraid that she would lose Black just like that, which, as for her, would mean that she would lose everything. It was because, at the time being, Black was the only person who would offer her help and support unconditiona


Vexed, she looked at his hand on her shoulder and shook it off indifferently.

"Stay away from me. I am not interested in you." However, Holley's words didn't work out as she had expected. Somehow, her coldness and rejection excited the man.

Perhaps it was because of the desire to conquer or to prove himself. The more rejection he got, the more desired he was to conquer her as if he could only feel satisfied in that way.

Therefore, even after the man heard Holley, he had no intention of giving up but decided to take a step forward. It was like he was turned on by her stubbornness. He was determined to get her laid tonight.

"But I am interested in you. What can I do about that, sweetie?" Leaning closer to her, the man whispered in Holley's ear. He was so close that he almost kissed her ear, which made Holley sick.

"Fuck off." Pushing him, Holley lowered her voice and snapped. She turned her back against him and ignored him. With her lips pursed, her annoyance was obvious.

"You…" The man's face turned gloomy immediately. When he was about to lose his temper, a friend of his stopped him.

"Let it go, man. We're here to have fun! Come with me. I saw some cool chicks over there. Let's go!"

Without waiting for the man's answer, his friend pulled him away. His friend really didn't want to make a scene at the bar and cause some trouble. It would do them no good.

Thankful that she was alone this time, Holley continued to drink after the annoying man left. Soon, she was drunk and was slowly getting blank.

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