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   Chapter 1341 Meeting

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Judging from the look on Melissa's face, it was easy to tell that she was very unhappy. It seemed that something was bothering her. Walking to the table, she pulled out a chair carelessly. The loud noise made by her pulling out the chair was an announcement to everyone present that she was not in a good mood today.

Disturbed by her careless actions, Charles shot Melissa a glance silently. The expression on his face seemed to be telling her to stop making a scene. Seeing the glum expression on Charles' face this time, Melissa eventually calmed down reluctantly.

On the other end, Leila didn't say anything as she walked to the table and sat down. She had noticed the silent conflict between Charles and Melissa, so she simply wanted to be quiet and stayed out of it.

Knowing Melissa, Leila understood that she was hesitant about apologizing to Sheryl. She thought that an apology to Sheryl was something Charles wouldn't let go easily, so Melissa had to deal with it eventually. In fact, she even thought that Melissa should say sorry to Sheryl as soon as possible. At least in this way, Charles still would respect Melissa for acknowledging her fault.

Seated just beside Charles, Sheryl was really quiet all the way. Even though Melissa's face was expressionless, she felt furious when she saw the calm look on Sheryl's face. She thought that Sheryl was making a display of winning through quietness. Her passiveness insulted her in such a way that she felt like talking to a robot or punching a pile of cotton in that matter. No matter how hard she hit on her, still she didn't fight back and got no response from her.

Under Charles' consistent stare, Melissa finally made up her mind to apologize to Sheryl after taking several deep breaths. Though she found it hard in her heart, she was left with no choice under Charles presence.

"Sheryl... I'm sorry for what I did yesterday. I shouldn't have gotten so emotional. Please forgive me," Melissa said reluctantly while looking at Sheryl straight in the eye. Her voice sounded hoarse, however. She seemed to be saying those words through clenched teeth.

Still, with no expression on her face and placing down the bread on her plate, Sheryl slid it aside a little bit. Then she raised her head and looked at Melissa with a blank face, but she was surprised that such an arrogant lady like her would apologize to her. At that time, she didn't expect that Melissa would bow the neck to her. Swallowing her pride was not Melissa's thing after all.

"Look, Mom, I'm fine. I won't blame you for being emotional on impulse," said Sheryl. Then she added sincerely, "Let's just let the past pass. As your daughter-in-law, I really hope that we can get along, so Charles won't be put in a dilemma because of us. I believe that both of us are the women Charles loves very much. I think that he also really hope that we can get along. Don't you think so, Mom?"

When she spoke, there was a swee

, he reached out his hand to Charles to welcome him with a handshake. "Mr. Lu, please this way."

After Charles and the other managers followed Todd Sun into the elevator, the staff on the first floor began to have a heated discussion.

"Wow, Mr. Lu is really tall and handsome. He looks so young."

"He is rich, handsome, and a successful businessman too!"

"He is not only a successful businessman but also a heartthrob."

All the women by the entrance seemed to be so attracted to Charles. In their eyes, he was such a wonderful man but beyond their reach. The one that existed only in their dreams.

The moment all the top executives from the Tarsan Corporation who had already seated themselves waiting in the meeting room saw that the executives from the Shining Company walked in, they stood and greeted them with their heads bowed low.

Searching through the crowd, Holley's gaze was drawn irresistibly to Charles as he walked into the room with the others. He had such an imposing appearance that showed his confidence; it would be impossible not to notice him.

No matter how many times Holley had met Charles, she still couldn't stop her heart from beating so fast every time she caught sight of him. Her heart was full of love for him, though she knew that he was already married.

Not very long after the meeting began, their negotiation came to a deadlock. The executives who were responsible for the project of both companies quarreled over the matter. Each of them wanted to win over the project.

"We think that Choice A is the best choice. We've dealt with similar cases before and we're confident that we can handle our cooperation well if we select Choice A," said the project manager of the Shining Company. Standing in the perspective of the Shining Company, Choice A was definitely the best choice. It could not only save their cost but also publicize their company's reputation by coping with similar cases they had done before.

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